stay tuned this is a woman on the move who is tired of living a life of excuses and is going to do something about it, whatever it takes (nothing that breaks my moral code of course) My life, my struggles to get out of debt, getting healthy and not knowing what's next. trying to figure it all out. anyway I can

I borrowed this idea from Sue at way back when and I clicked on the link and she is still blogging.. amazing..

I thought it would be an insightful look into myself. You know to challenge myself to see if I could actually come up with a 100 things. So here it goes.

*Warning those that don’t want to know everything about me, should not read today’s entry. Stop reading right now !!! Or you will learn everything

100 Things:

1. Born with black natural curly hair.
2. Born 9 days before Christmas.. supposed to be new years
3. Still Single & Childless (by choice)
4. Nickname by family members is “Walking Encyclopedia”.
5. Have an uncanny knack to remember songs, numbers, and stupid facts.
6. Live with my mom/roommate in a 2 bedroom apt on the top floor, hopefully a house someday..
7. Like to play HOG (hidden object games, or Adventure games from or and find all my gaming info from
8. Cheerleader in High school in Grade 9.
9. unemployed/ but has grandiose dreams of various careers including writer and real estate agent ( think I’m too nice for real estate)
10. Would love to travel to Europe (Scotland) and visit all the historic castles.
11. Aunt to 6 children (5 are my younger bro’s). Katie 14, Kalie 8 years, Kaige 7 years, Kiera 4, Kash 3 and my step sis has 1 Dayton who is 3.
12. I love Australian, British and New Zealand TV shows. right now I’m enthralled in Masterchef Australia, Home and Away, Shortland Street and British Next Top Model.
13. Have no diplomas but people think I went to University/College.
14. Know how to play piano basic songs (no Beethoven or Bach well some not full sonata’s or overtures.).
15. Love to sing and I usually do all the time to the radio, in my head, when I’m blogging etc.
16. Like any music with a great beat that is danceable or that I can sing along with, I do mean anything.
17. Dislike really heavy steel metal (have to be in a mood for it).
18. Like to organize things (magazine’s, CD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s, books, clothes, calendar, web pages).
19. I am prone to stubbing my toe’s.
20. Am interested in anything to do with houses from the Architecture, Design to the Buying and Selling of them, probably because my one big dream is to own my own house.
21. Love Reality TV where people’s dreams are realized like Extreme Home Makeover, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol. Masterchef, Top Chef
22. Know how to needlepoint, embroider, cross stitch, and sew.
23. Don’t know how to knit, crochet or quilt.
24. Bite my nails (trying not to) & fidget (tap pens, fingers, feet etc.)
25. Love to dance.

26. Was born in Sudbury, Ontario on Dec 16th, 1976 @ 10:25pm.

27.Purple is my favorite color then blue/green & black.

28. I’m addicted to stumbling you end up in some werid places but it’s places you might never have explored on your own.

29. Love doing Word puzzles especially Cryptograms, logic problems, fill it in’s.
30. Haven’t had an alcohol beverage since my 30th bday, I’m 33 now. and I gave up pop and coffee longer then that over 9 years ago in 2001.
31. Love to Shop, window shopping is funner sometimes as there is no remorse, no buying but no remorse when I shop I like to shop at Gap, Suzy Sheir, Smart Set, Ricki’s H&M, Le Chateau, and Reitman’s oh and Old Navy is not bad for some stuff.
32. Summer is my favorite season then fall. (not this one i’m trapped in my apartment can breath in this heat)
33. Favorite City is Toronto, I like Ottawa and Montreal too.
34. Favorite song is undecided, too many that I like.
35. Reading is my favorite thing to do after Computer.
36. Favorite mall is Square One in Mississauga then Eaton’s Centre then the Place D’Orleans Mall in Ottawa.
37. Have Sensitive Skin & Teeth.
38. Am a shy person till I get to know ya.
39. I am accident prone. (Bumping things, hitting my head, spraining my ankles, etc.) No broken bones yet (crossing my fingers) LOL.
40. Soft hearted and compassionate.
41. Used to collect Teddy bears, now I collect music and DVD’s.
42. Healthy addiction to magazines, I buy 8 monthly since I was 12, they’ve changed as I’ve grown up but these are what I read now, and I subscribed to them so I get them more then half off the newstand prices I pay an average of $23 a month for them. ( Marie Claire, Glamour, Self, House & Home, Style at Home, Money Sense, Lou Lou and I buy Weightwatchers (good recipes))
43. Used to figure skate, gymnastics, tennis, basketball.
44. Good cook and baker
45. Love the water anything to do with it.(except boats, motion sickness).
46. Sarcastic.
47. Night owl.
48. Have Allergies (to perfumes/ cleaners/) Migraines/ Asthma and IBS.
49. Aspiring writer, don’t know if I’ll write the great novel it’s just a hobby.
50. Love thrill rides like roller coasters the higher/faster they go the better.
51. Used to smoke but if you ask my family I was never a real smoker (3 smokes a day does not a smoker make).
52. Can’t drink Pop/ Any Carbonated drinks (makes me break out, don’t know why?), Coffee gives me migraines.
53. Have no investments or savings too busy paying living expenses.
54. Just got my license in August 2003, G1 that is. ( Then the world went dark , day of the big blackout in North America) then I got my G2, but then I got to busy at work to get my G and now I’m back to being a G1 driver soon to change as soon as I have money again.
55. Love to play air drums or head bang to good rock songs.
56. Had one serious relationship in my life that lasted for 8 years off and on.
57. Have not had a serious face to face relationship since that one, I say face to face because an online one for 4 years doesn’t count..
58. Can be argumentative at times, parents thought I should’ve been a lawyer.
59. Have blue eyes that change color depending on what I’m wearing.
60. Those blue eyes wear glasses all the time except when I’m sleep, shower or swim.
61. Have blonde hair (dirty blonde with fake highlights).
62. Know how to build things using tools like drill, saw, lathe, jigsaw, and router.
63. Would like to learn to speak other languages like French (dad’s native tongue), Spanish & maybe Italian.
64. Love interior design & Home Improvement and Food, could live on and
65. Have never had long hair past my shoulders.  ( it’s on it’s way now, unemployed mean no money for hair maintenance)
66. Have never tried drugs except for prescription.
67. Have no idea how much I weigh haven’t stepped on a scale in over 3 yrs.
68. Wear a size 12-16, on a good day a twelve. I’m bigger on bottom then on top.
69. I’m overweight by about 50-70 pds and would like to change it..
70. Like cars, don’t know everything about them but I can hold my own in conversations about them.
71. I’m not pictured in my yearbooks grad pictures I was out sick and never made the retakes.
72. Once participated in a beauty pageant where for my talent I sang “Without You” by Mariah Carey, A Capella in front of 1500 people.
73. Pluck my eyebrows & shave my legs/bikini area (waxing scares me to bits).
74. was born two weeks premature and jaundiced.
75. Since high school I have moved 17 times and lived in 6 cities/towns.
76. My parents are divorced and have been longer then they were married.
77. Used to swear like a sailor now I only swear when I’m mad or hurt badly. (Like when I work on my web page for 5 hrs and no work is saved)
78. Like to spend money on my hair from the hair cut to the products I use
79. I am short 5ft and ¼. I need that one quarter.
80. Don’t have a sweet tooth. (I like salty crunchy things).
81. I have a younger brother Timothy “Tim” 31, and a half sister I’ve never met Lisa (Older).  and a Step Sis Leeann who is 29.
82. I’m the person people confide in when they don’t want their secret to become gossip for everyone’s ears. I’ve heard this phrase all my life “don’t tell anyone Tina” and I haven’t. I will go to my grave with these secrets unless someone finds my journals and reads them.
83. I have a strong faith and believe in God, it’s putting it into practice that’s the issue.
84. Great diplomat some would say too much of one, see all sides of the issue, never really establishing my stance.
85. Born to multitask. I don’t think I know how to do one thing at once.
86. Procrastinator.
87. Have many of my mom’s characteristics:  her hips, her nose, the Harnum belly, her compassion for others, here generosity (well that’s both parents), her resiliency.
88. Like my dad also. I have his eyes, his tiny hands & feet, his imagination, his temper, his humor, his intelligence (brain smarts from dad, heart smarts from mom)
89. Suck at math like fractions and geometry but awesome at business math.
90. Best subject in school was Science and History, my worst was French. (which is bad i’m half french)
91. Can remember dreams for days afterwards, sometimes only for minutes.
92. Still call people sir and maam and open the door for all (no matter what age they are).
93. Have an above average I.Q. according to a quiz I took once LOL.
94. Can live on my homemade oven roasted potatoes.
95. Spend too much time doing nothing,
96. Love to laugh at stupid comedies, like movies that most people hate.
97. I skipped almost 10 things about myself and now I’m making them up on the fly.
98. Have had many friends but none that I have stayed in contact with too much moving.
99. Love to learn, about many things.. especially about what we can each do to make this world better.
100.My dad and I argue that my middle name is Christina it’s not. I don’t have a middle name my name is just Tina Marie that’s what my birth certificate says.


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