stay tuned this is a woman on the move who is tired of living a life of excuses and is going to do something about it, whatever it takes (nothing that breaks my moral code of course) My life, my struggles to get out of debt, getting healthy and not knowing what's next. trying to figure it all out. anyway I can

Well what have I been up to, it’s been a while since we talked about my life not my past.

The last month, not exactly how I planned thought I would be employed but oh well not the timing, I’m kind of grateful for that my health is playing tricks on me and adding the stress of a new job probably would be a great thing right now.

I’ve done a couple of things to start some changes in me and I will be talking about that on a consistent basis, because the month of march theme word is consistency and getting my life to have some.  So one of the things I am doing to start this in motion is my health.  I’ve started a cleanse it’s for 30 days it’s a nutritional cleanse where I pretty much don’t sacrifice nutrition just the way I get that nutrition.  I’m on Day 3, 27days to go.

I have 2 shakes one for breakfast and one for lunch and then a small supper, snacks in between, and tons of water, the hardest part of this for me is not giving up the food because I’m used to only eating once a day thanks to IBS.  It’s all the stupid water I have to drink and “eating” 3 times a day.  Not used to it.   So far haven’t noticed a difference, but I know it works because I have seen people close to me succeed.  I’m not doing it for the same reason I’m doing it to get my health back in line and start living like a “normal” human being not allowing my disease to control my life.  The side effect is weight loss so if that happens great.

So also this is part of creating a Multiple Stream of Income and so, I have started to proactively begin the process of building this up and I did this by attending a workshop last week with a great man who also happens to be a pastor and involved in a great initiative called Impact Malawi.  They are also on Facebook under the same name great organization and the Pastor’s Name is P.K. Smith or Kevin Smith and he is also on Facebook and twitter @impactmalawi.  The workshop was titled Co-Creation Part 1, there are 3 parts to this workshop on leadership and it can be utilized in many aspects of life not just in building a business.  It was a great day investing in myself.

Anywhoo it’s a great workshop using the Leadership methods of John Maxwell, it was an amazing day and it really has got me truly motivated to succeed in life, it’s unfortunately only available to the members of the company that I’m an Associate with.  If you have the chance though check out some of John Maxwell stuff I’m sure if you google you’ll find him.   I just learned a lot about thought patterns and I’m just fired up and have been since that day my focus shifted from blogging.  To getting my MSI’s (Multiple Streams of Income) going so I have been working diligently on finding a job(s).

So this week I have had an interview and am technically employed by a temp agency (it’s a start right), this will hopefully open the doors to some places I might not have gotten my foot in, with a big sledgehammer.  I also have an interview at a hotel here in town it’s Part time, but like I have learned in the past that Part time is not always just part time my last job I was Part/time on-call and ended up working more hours than the full time staff so it’s just another door to walk through.

I haven’t given up on achieving that ultimate and that is to succeed at gaining employment in a full time job with great wages and benefits.  It’s just time is running out and if doors are being opened I need to walk through till the next one is opened for me.   The main goal for this month is paying rent and if I don’t get my but in gear that is not going to happen very easily so yeah overall a productive week.

So that is what is up with me, I’m keeping at in and applying for jobs daily, I’ve been researching some other avenues of making income and my blogging friends have been very encouraging so just wanted to say thanks to them @krystalatwork, @geekymath, @blondeonabudget, @moneymaus, @grlredballoon, @SS 4BC@sunflowers_debt, @lifeasapurse, @youngandthrifty there is way more but these are just some of the ones I’ve been talking to on a regular basis if I left you out It’s not because you don’t matter I just didn’t want to bombard the page with names, I will get you on #FF.

Thank you and God Bless

Tina Marie


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  1. What kind of cleanse is it? I need to start something too.

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