stay tuned this is a woman on the move who is tired of living a life of excuses and is going to do something about it, whatever it takes (nothing that breaks my moral code of course) My life, my struggles to get out of debt, getting healthy and not knowing what's next. trying to figure it all out. anyway I can

Sundays are my day to disconnect from technology I do it for a couple of reasons the main one being I do it to honour my faith and spend the time usually in the pursuit of a great understanding of it.  By reading the bible, Christian authors, listening to podcasts, journaling and listening to music, oh and prayer.

The other reason I do this is we all really just need a break from technology and, having the ability to do so can cause you to discover things that you thought you had lost touch with  for instance.

This weekend I “fasted” TV(online), so instead I ended up playing games (hidden object/adventure), and getting some blog entries done, I managed to finally go through my hope chest and get rid of some stuff that was holding me back.  I exercised (okay I bounced on my fitness ball and swiveled my hips to music), and I started doing cross stitch again, got some reading in, did some journaling, sang my heart out while listening to some great music, listen to some podcasts, did my taxes and sent them (earliest ever) and I read a ton of blogs on my Google reader.  It was a very productive weekend unlike last weekend which consisted of me basically sitting in my bed which is where I pretty much am (most of the time)with my laptop on my lap watching one episode of TV after another, while reading blogs.  My bed is the most comfortable seat in the house.

I just don’t want to look back 6 months from now when I ‘m in the thick of my job(s) and wonder where all my free time went when I had it.  I’m tired of not getting anything done, I have no excuses besides the fact that I have been lazy and unwell for the last couple of months but enough is enough.  I have enjoyed my vegging enough and it’s time to get moving and accomplish some of the stuff I said I wanted to do while I have been off.

This weeks agenda is to continue job search, cleaning my closet, and book shelves, going through my clothes, and continue to savor the rest of my time off that I have because before I know it will be gone and I will miss it dearly and then I will look around my clutter free room that is organized and clean and go oh yeah that’s how I spent my year on unemployment bettering myself and becoming stronger as a person in general that has seriously decided to get her but in gear into growing up.

So I have checked one thing off the list now onto the many others off my list of goals and things to do list.

Oh side note I have gone on two interviews in the past week one I got (yeah) it’s for a temp agency so that could go somewhere and the other was for a hotel (which I won’t be doing 5am breakfast shift) don’t have a problem with working early, I will do what the job requires, I do have a problem if there are no buses and the money I’m making doesn’t justify spending money on cabs till my hours change for 20hrs a week.  So I’m still on the hunt.  Wish me luck, pray what ever you believe, do I could use all the help I can get.

Also one more thing tomorrow is Day 7, cleanse day meaning that before now I have been doing 2 shakes, snacks and a small supper, tomorrow is liquid only (yikes)  I’m okay till supper then I want food so this should be interesting but as you can see from the stuff I have got accomplished that something is working.  Okay I tend to do more than one thing at a time if that is helpful,  only 23 more days to go on this then I do it all over again till I get the results I want.  I feel kind of guilty because my friend who I am doing this with will have to do this day while she is at work it’s hard enough when you don’t have to go anywhere or be active, I tried to arrange it so we can do it on a day when she is off but that’s the thing she is never off (my little workaholic friend) so tomorrow it is.

Thanks and God Bless

Tina Marie

**Mulling over a name change and possibly buying a domain name to step up this blog to the next level, because I do have plans for it and I am an active participant in the @Yakezie challenge.  @geekymath has given me a great idea for a name and If I go ahead you will be the first to know.




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