stay tuned this is a woman on the move who is tired of living a life of excuses and is going to do something about it, whatever it takes (nothing that breaks my moral code of course) My life, my struggles to get out of debt, getting healthy and not knowing what's next. trying to figure it all out. anyway I can

Okay seriously having one of those days that would be satisfied and maybe made better by emotionally devouring a big bay of lays ketchup chips or some Ruffles all-dressed.

Man, I’m just tired of standing still I did over 4hrs of just job search and another 3hrs applying  for a bunch more jobs and am beginning to wonder if it’s even worth it.  I just really want to work.  Now another doubt has crept in, am I going to be able to get back into a routine of working full time at 1 or 2 jobs after being off for 1 years.  I’ve kept mentally on top of things by starting my blog and doing some part time courses, typing jobs and trying to generate MSI’s but it’s really going to be hard to adjusting to be being back in an office environment.  I know it can be done it’s just going to be a huge adjustment.

So today is just my rant about my frustrations and worries.  Sorry if you were expecting puppy dog, rainbows and positivity.  Today is not that day.  I’ve had another frustrating phone call with Employment Insurance and this time this is the 3rd call in 8 days he has advised me that nothing has yet been done on my file and it may take up to 28 days for it to be fixed, but don’t worry that will be paid retroactive to the day payments stopped.  I was annoyed and frustrated to say the least I know it’s not his fault he is just following the bureaucracy that is his job but to know that after 3 phone calls and two escalation investigations that I’ m not any further ahead is screamingly maddening.   I felt like telling him do you want to call my bills and explain that to them that there is a problem with my claim, but don’t worry she’s going to be paid retroactive so it should all fall in place.

My biggest stress-ors and probably why I have a massive migraine that and the lovely winter storm that is brewing outside is my finances being in chaos.  It’s a leftover repercussion of my childhood and anytime my finances get thrown into a tailspin, so do I.  I’m trying to break that annoying habit by having faith as my faith tells me to have but it’s hard to do when you have people/annoying stupid phone calls wanting their money and because they have heard it all before don’t believe one word of what you are telling them.  Okay I’m getting a little ahead of myself there (the annoying phone calls haven’t started, but they will).

It sucks but there is some kind of silver lining I have put out a multitude of resumes and applications, the day of pride is over I am willing to work in a bowling alley/Mcdonalds if it means I can be in charge of my own finances and make ends meet.

Again I apologize for the rant the lovely and positive Tina Marie will check back in tomorrow I hope, thank you for your patience.

Thanks and God Bless

Tina Marie


Comments on: "I guess the memo didn’t go out." (2)

  1. Rant away!!! We all need to do it at some point.

    • Thank you, it was just a really bad frustrating day. Today is better though not productive but that feeling of complete uselessness is gone.
      Thanks for commenting.

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