stay tuned this is a woman on the move who is tired of living a life of excuses and is going to do something about it, whatever it takes (nothing that breaks my moral code of course) My life, my struggles to get out of debt, getting healthy and not knowing what's next. trying to figure it all out. anyway I can

As we all know by now there was a major natural disaster that happened last night while the rest of the world was sleeping.  Well most of us anyways.  I was on my way to bed when I decided to check twitter again one last time and that’s when the tweet storm happened first about the earthquake then about the damage that had occurred from it.

I was heartbroken watching the scenes unfolding in front of me.  Visibly shaken.  I don’t do well at watching people suffer.  It hurts me physically to see people hurt and watching those terrified expressions on the Japanese people broke me.  So I watched in horror as the town got swallowed up by water, while fires burned peoples homes and businesses and the people trying to escape something they had no hope of defeating.

I seriously was beginning to hate technology at that moment, sometimes I wish we went back to the old days hearing and seeing the images after they happened instead while they are happening.  Difficulty sleeping after those images were put in my head and today I had difficulty in even comprehending what I had seen the previous night.  My friends on facebook are also coming to grips and realizing that there is much to be grateful for and we are truly to never let down our guard because you never know.

So here is one thing my friend said about the events that occurred last night.

peeps…rarely do I sound somber…BUT….we really need to stop for a second and stop complaining about the shit weather we’re having….cuz at the end of the day…..we all have warm cozy beds and a roof over our heads to keep us safe….that being said…..much love, thoughts and prayers not only to Japan, but to EVERYONE affected by yet another one of Mother Nature’s merciless wraths.. Help Spread the reality check… N

Then I commented back to her.  yep I hear you and I will share this status, I’m not in the mood to hear any whining today because seriously we have much to be grateful. Enough with the complaining about what we don’t have and start being thankful for the blessings we do have. I will try from this day forward never to complain about our weather again.  No matter how hot,cold,wet, dry it gets.

I don’t know where I’m going with this I guess what I’m learning is that there truly is always something more important going on which is why for lent.  Which I do observe I am going to try to be grateful and the first step is to learn about what in our lives is truly important so I am disconnecting from frivolous things for the next month or so.  Or more maybe I’ll discover I don’t need in it my life.

As most of you know I am already doing a cleanse I’m on day 11 of that and so far it is going really well, I’m still struggling with the whole routine thing but yeah for me I have another 19days to get it all figured out then I will do it all over again for at least 6 months that’s how long it may take to get my system to a normal function w/o drugs, (I have IBS).  I’m praying that it does.  Anyways that’s not why I went there anyways I’m on a cleanse which already means I have sacrificed most of my bad habits there.  I don’t have to give up food in it’s entirety but there definitely is no junk food, juice, French fries, chocolate milk, candy on this cleanse.  So I was thinking, I did that now what else can I give up well I decided to also give up shows and websites that relate to food, why tempt myself while I’m going through this journey.  The only exception is if I’m looking for a healthy recipe for supper.

The big thing I have decided to give up in attempt to focus on more important things are celebrity gossip sites and still debating about giving up some of my frivolous guilty pleasure shows for the duration.  But definitely gossips sites because do I really care if JT is flirting w/Mila Kunis or that Katherine Heigl got a hair cut when there is so much else to be focusing on.  So from today on yeah were already 2 days into Lent I will not look at gossip sites. The only celebrity info I will be getting is from twitter trust me that is enough.

One other thing that is happening is I got invited to be part of a board for a local community group that deals with how our community food donations are handled both with the actual donations and financial donations.  Was very shocked that I was asked, it’s a very cool board to be a part of and wouldn’t require very much commitment on my part which would be good for my first board.  Who knows this could open the doors to other opportunities.  Well I’m going to attend a meeting and see what happens from there as of right now I haven’t said yes or no till I see if this something I would like to participate in.  Can’t find a job but I’m getting all these unpaid side opportunities.  God truly has a sense of humour when it comes to my life.

Hug someone you love, or call them/write them and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life.  Look at your house/apartment and see if you truly need everything in it. What could you do without.  Is there something more you could be doing to better your community.  Lets step outside of our bubbles and do some good.  I plan on trying to do more of that in this coming year.

Happy Birthday little Bro, miss ya bunches.

Take Care and God Bless

Tina Marie.

If you want to help pray for Japan/affected areas  donate to the



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