stay tuned this is a woman on the move who is tired of living a life of excuses and is going to do something about it, whatever it takes (nothing that breaks my moral code of course) My life, my struggles to get out of debt, getting healthy and not knowing what's next. trying to figure it all out. anyway I can

Okay so I have been asked on more than one occasion how come I’m not utilizing my networking opportunities well one reason and one reason only and I realized that it could seriously be holding me back I have a great group of friends that I have known for years and a large group of acquaintances that I have not been tapping into as a possible source of information so today I laid it all on the line and posted this on facebook and now I’m posting it on here.  So here it is, my heart on my sleeve.  I have 372 friends somebody has to heard of something right?

Okay this is really hard for me to admit but I need help!! Yeah quiet in the peanut gallery.

I have been hiding a secret from most of you but I am now realizing that it is not weakness to admit that you need help everyone once in a while.  My real friends will not judge me, and they will be my encouragers. and for those that do well that’s your issue.

This is what is happening. I lost my job last year in Jan 2010  2 weeks after my dream trip to Disney, anyways  at first I was happy because I was not happy at my job and had not been for a while, I love the job and most of the people but I knew that the season for that job was over.  Anyways I lost my job and figured I needed to recover from the loss and build my strength back up as I was burnt out.  So I took the first 3 months and did nothing that brought us up to April.  Then it was spring/summer I was and have always been applying for the jobs I thought was interesting because it was never my intention to be unemployed for long.  I like to work and be productive.

So then it became summer and well I haven’t had a summer off in 0 yrs so I decided to enjoy it well I didn’t get to enjoy much with the heat wave but at the tail end of the summer I got to do something else I have always wanted to do.

My mom, Bro and Me drove cross country from Ontario to Alberta to attend my cousins wedding/family reunion we didn’t get to take our time but the experience itself was amazing.  After the wedding we took an overnight trip to Lake Louise/Jasper/Banff and seeing the mountains for the first time was awe inspiring.  So that brings us to September and I have since been actively looking for opportunities for employment.

I truly have a strong belief in timing and my good friends know that I have a strong belief in my faith and that it leads me anyways I have had some opportunities that just didn’t work out for whatever reason and am now still looking for employment so the reason for this is that I am putting aside my feelings of shame and asking for help.  I’m getting to that point where the E.I. is running out and will be having difficulty making ends meet if this doesn’t change.

My pride is no longer important to me and getting a job is so if you have any leads on one what ever it may be I will of course consider it.  I’m not physically able to do manual labour however such as cleaning/chambermaid, etc but am looking for office/customer service/retail opportunities.

Some people may consider how I have spent my previous year as a waste of time and that I am in this circumstance for the choices I have made.  But I believe that if I did have a job alot of the stuff I have done I would never have been able to do so I look at this year as a blessing I was able to spend a lot of time with my family and reconnect with them I was able to do alot of travelling that I would never have been able to do so I am grateful for the time I have had off.

Now I’m bored and broke and need a job so whatever you my friends can do would be great.

One added note I have been attempting to build what in the personal finance lingo is called Muliple Streams of Income and have started to do this in many ways.  One way being doing freelance for online companies, I can do web design but not coding, I do typing for assignments/resumes,  I also am a consultant in a Nutritional company that I also use their products for.  So if you want to help me this way that would be great to check out my site  for more info on that.  I’ve also been taking courses online to keep my skills up to date and learn more and I’m blogging as well about personal finance and other stuff.  So I have not just been sitting home and twiddling my thumbs.

Don’t scoff but the greatest thing I have gotten from this is closer to my faith and my family.  I have learned that these are the two constants that will always be there for me and will never judge me for my past failures that if it wasn’t for these two things this year might have turned out a heck of alot worse.  However I was able to realize that everything truly does happen for a reason and a season and at the time we may not understand the reasons why,when,how,who or what.  It will be revealed to you when the timing is right and I know that this year happened the way it was supposed to I am now in a supportive church that I am learning so much in and am no where near that person I used to be.  Because one thing I have learned over this year that I have a truly blessed life and that I have much to be grateful for even though I am not monetarily rich or where I thought I would be in my life.  Everything I have done has brought me to this time and point in my life and I may be a little behind in my goals but things change sometimes faster than we know it.

Okay only my real friends will read this or who knows maybe you all will, If you truly know me you know how hard this was for me to put out there but I’m getting nervous and I need help so what ever you can do even if all it is, is praying for me to get a job would be great.

Thanks Guys really Appreciate this.

Tina Marie


Oh one more thing I’m not looking to relocate at this time so only physical jobs in the Sudbury area, but if you are aware of opportunities online for employment like virtual assistant or data entry let me know.

So that is what this is me throwing my pride out the window, now let see what happens.

Sorry about the blog drought I had a very busy weekend with a church conference and have got much inspiration from it and I’m sure I will blogging up a storm, I put that on facebook but yet to have posted my blog address or name on my facebook so I’m still anonymous for how long remains to be seen for now.

Thanks and God Bless

Tina Marie


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