stay tuned this is a woman on the move who is tired of living a life of excuses and is going to do something about it, whatever it takes (nothing that breaks my moral code of course) My life, my struggles to get out of debt, getting healthy and not knowing what's next. trying to figure it all out. anyway I can

Yeah so you were probably expecting a great post about 7 Great things about me well I tried to write it for over an hour and a half and it’s not coming to me so I put it aside again for another day and will attempt to try again or maybe I’ll just save it for next week.

Today was a great day, I got out and about (it’s spring) and spent a pretty great day with my Dad.  After all that has happened in the world and in some of my friends life in general.  I was overjoyed to have the privilege to spend the day with Him (alone). I am learning that you truly don’t know when your time is up so enjoy the time you have and it sounds corny but love the ones your with.

Dad and I didn’t do anything extraordinary we went to our usual places.  Walmart (got some basics), Costco (shared a poutine), and then we went to the grocery store (where I didn’t get chicken) and the Taxation office.   Exciting right, not exactly but we got to look at and do stuff that we don’t get to do together very often since he lives out of town.

My dad has instilled his geeky vibe in me I am his daughter truly.  I love pretty much all the same things as him were both techies, with a love of sci fi and playing games, home improvement, architecture, home design, action movies, tv, cooking and music.  I probably started doing some of these activities to bond with Dad but over the years it has become my passion as much as his.  My dad is a little abnormal compared to my friends Dad’s.  He’s not very social tends to keep to himself, watching tv, playing games okay he is a complete homebody.  Sound familiar. We have a lot of the same social tendencies and deal with things in pretty much the same way by shutting down.  But he has always been there and at times he can be my greatest cheerleader which is exactly what I needed after this week.

I’m okay with my dad the way he is because I don’t think I could handle a loud obnoxious Dad who was an overachiever and never home.  My dad has always been there hence our regular shopping day.

We always peruse the same things flat screen tv’s, blue ray players, comforters, he patiently lets me look at clothes and shoes and I patiently wait well he dissects whether to buy the HDMI cables to stream his Netflix to his 50″ tv or to suck it up and spend way more money on either a blue ray or yikes a video game system.

The thing is besides groceries we never buy anything, we just window shop and analyze what we would do.

My dad takes me shopping (grocery) usually because well folks without a car it’s a lot easier to do them with Dad (he has a car) then to take the bus.  So I wait for dad to come to town and do the groceries with him.

I have a routine with him there and yes even though I am 34 yrs old I still let my Dad pick the meat and the melons if need be I ask him his opinion on just about everything not because I am needy or incapable, but because I like having my dad’s input and showing him that no matter how old I get his opinion will always matter.  I might not always follow it but it will always factor into my life.

After shopping, He then came to my apartment and tried to hook up my DVD player we had given to us after our other DVD player broke.  Through discovery we found out that didn’t work either, but that I had hooked up the other one right so yeah for me.  So now my collection of defunct electronics is growing and I seriously am at a loss of what to do with it that will be another issue for another day.   This is where you would usually ask your dad to do the heavy lifting and bring the stuff downstairs to the trash.  Well due to dad’s disability I’m actually stronger then him and that is not really saying much.  So I am stuck with all the electronics till I can kidnap my brother who also lives out of town to do a clean up for us.

I know my Dad doesn’t read this parents are aware of it but I have not yet been brave enough to tell them where it is which is strange considering I am pretty much an open book with them but this is all mine, for now.

Okay didn’t know where this was going, but I guess I just wanted to write about my great day with my Dad it will flowed off the fingers instead of the albatross of talking about great things about me.

thanks for letting me share that.  God Bless

Tina Marie.


Comments on: "It’s spring here and I had a great day with my dad." (2)

  1. If your dad was actually thinking about HDMI cables, make sure he knows that expensive isn’t better. I got these for $5 including shipping. So it’s $2.50 per cable. Works just as good as a $100 monster cable.

  2. okay I’ll let dad know about them thanks.


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