stay tuned this is a woman on the move who is tired of living a life of excuses and is going to do something about it, whatever it takes (nothing that breaks my moral code of course) My life, my struggles to get out of debt, getting healthy and not knowing what's next. trying to figure it all out. anyway I can

Okay well maybe not the week, but man it feels like it I am so mentally drained from doing the 2 interviews this week I hate answering those questions “tell me about yourself” and “what are your weaknesses/strengths” and name a situation “where you were/had/done” ?  Oh and I have another one tomorrow.. Yeah

That’s what needs to be done to get a job I am hoping and praying that the interview I did will be the one it was great.  I had great rapport with my interviewer and the staff that I met.   I answered a lot of tough questions and I was doing so well till she asked me about my last job.

If you’ve read you know because I am honest and I won’t lie or sugarcoat but I was fired from my last job because then told her the truth, big believer of that won’t rehash again here.  Official reason on R.O.E. “not a good fit”.  Anyways that might be the only question that sank me. other than that great opportunity if I get it.

I wanted to leave it at the classic response of interpersonal conflict but she asked me to explain and I don’t lie didn’t want it to come up if she called previous place of employment so I owned up that yes earlier on when I first started there I had made some fumbles but in the previous 6 months before I was fired I thought I was doing well, and that the person that decided not to like me, that we had actually made peace and dare I say it friends after those fumbles.  She even went out of her way to give me more hours and even gave me my own job of data entry so I could get extra hours when they were low.  Praised my work, allowed me to train staff etc.   So when I was fired I was blindsided and my boss looked at me and just said “it’s not working”.

Enough about that I have to find a better way to answer that stupid question without going into bitter mode.  Well I might have another chance soon, going to keep applying till I get a job.

I want this one though, it’s as perfect as I want right now.  I would be the manager, make my own hours/schedule, be in charge, still get to be active in the office not just behind the desk.  In charge of 5 maybe 10 people during high season. (great small staff to start with).   Great pay + benefits +bonus, paid training, creative.  Just a great gig.  The interview was almost an hour is that a good sign I’m taking it as one.

The other thing that prickled me a bit is she asked about my other business and when I advised her what it was she kept saying it was a “pyramid” scheme and she argued with me that it was and I said it wasn’t it didn’t get heated but I believe in my product and direct marketing, multi-level marketing or network marketing are not pyramid schemes.  AGGGHHH!!  I would use these products even if I didn’t make a commission from introducing them doesn’t that say how much I believe in them.

So other than that great interview, she took my references after I told her she would be able to get a positive one from previous place of employment with no problems well from anyone besides “her” and my Area Director anyone else lol.

Yesterday’s interview went well also, quick though only about 15mins maybe 20 mins he asked like 3 questions, didn’t ask for references (should I have offered) and told me he would contact me in a couple of days for the 2nd round of interviews if I got through.  That job though pay sucked, hours sucked (it was Full time though) and there were no benefits nothing that was on my list but for now it would keep me from you know getting evicted and utilities being cut off.   So if I hear from them for 2nd interview I will probably go anyways.  Can’t limit my choices since they have been few and far between.

Got back on the horse when I came home and applied for 4 more jobs, not giving up it’s not in me I am as tenacious as they come.

Thank you and God bless

if you believe pray if not keep positive thoughts for me another one for tomorrow it’s for at-home call center don’t really want to do it but like I said keeping options open, no longer can be picky need to pay bills.

Tina Marie.


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