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What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?

That was a question which I thought posted it didn’t.  Todays post is again another Postaday2011/Postaweek2011 challenge question supplied by My Life Such as It is

It coincides with another question that was asked by Postaday2011/Postaweek2011 challenge what did you wanna be when you grew up.

As you know I am in the middle, hopefully the end of a lengthy stretch of unemployment that has so far yielded very little success with job search or offers of employment.   Which royally sucks right now considering that the financial pit that I have now dug myself is getting deeper, but I believe it is coming to an end very soon.  Okay so back to the questions.

When I was growing up I loved fashion and medicine, interesting combination right so I honestly thought I would do something involving medicine or fashion.  Well I tried the fashion route, okay not so much as tried.  You know those career days when professionals come to the highschool to talk about various careers.  That career day in grade 10 we had someone come from a really reputable fashion design school in Montreal come and because I was enthralled with fashion and was actually attempting to sketch designs I decided and asked him to look at my designs.  He told me in no uncertain terms if you can’t not draw movement you cannot design.  Of course I was devastated and the dream was crushed and I haven’t designed since.  I still love everything about fashion, but the heart is no longer in it.

So then it was onto my next passion at the time and that was science and medicine, I excelled at science as long as there was no math.  There goes that medical field, that and oh the little problem of not liking bodily fluids, not going to describe.  So medicine went out the window.

So in grade 11 when you do co-op I was placed in a daycare and was told that I had a natural affinity with kids that they seemed to really like me and I had a great rapport and was able to get on their level.  So based on that short little placement I decided to go to college for Early Childhood Education.

Well in all practicality I loved it the theory part of it because it still kept me in the loop with my scientific brain but the practical part well lets just say I am not a creature of routine.  I get bored doing the same thing all the time, day in and day out.  Also there was the small problem of me not liking to be around that large of a concentration of children.  So after I didn’t succeed at placement due to unfilled reports I decided that I would save what patience I had left for my own future children and neices/nephews, cousins I had in my life.

So there went that career path now onto the next question if money wasn’t an option like I was financially stable and didn’t have to worry about bills or retirement or any of that.

I honestly think I would be involved and working for either a non profit or a church, I still think that may be in the plans down the line but yeah I just want to work at a job that makes a difference, however small.  Then on the side I would write, write what exactly I am not sure of, oh and dabble in some kind of interior design.

I just like the idea of working for a company where it’s about people and not about the bottom line and making a profit.  I don’t want to work for companies that are contributing to the world’s suffering or causing people to get further into debt.  I know it sounds hokey but I want to make a difference in this world.  I honestly believe that one person can make a difference.

However due to the fact that I do have to worry about money right now in my stage of life, I keep being led towards finance/insurance jobs, oh and management.  It’s weird because I said a long time ago that I didn’t want those worlds and yet I keep being pushed into them.

I like the idea of helping people with their finances and achieving their dreams so being a financial planner sounds like a great thing for now, plus I will learn tons.  Also down the line once I am more secured maybe getting into real estate.  These are all just pipe dreams right now.

Right now I would just be grateful for any career that paid the bills and helped me get out of debt.  I’ll talk more about what’s happening in that avenue in the next post.

Thank you and God Bless

Tina Marie.


Comments on: "What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?" (1)

  1. I had the same problem with kids. They love me. I can get to their level. But secretly I hate them. lol.

    As for what I would do if I didn’t need money. I would actually still do the exact same thing I’m doing now. I love tutoring. I love my teenagers (some of them). I would just be more choosy in which ones I taught.

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