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So if you have been following my blog you know I have been unemployed for a bit, the first 3months great, the 2nd 3 months great it was summer and I got to travel a bit.  Then we got into fall/winter.

I got the first call from a placement agency in November about a job that I had applied for in September working for a government department in clerical.  Well they had me running through hoops doing testing, faxing documents, emailing etc. It all had to be done immediately so for a good week I had my pastor bringing me everywhere so I could get this done.  Sent it all in.  Told that I would be notified of outcome and never heard from again.  So I am weary now of out of town agencies I prefer them to be local that I can drop into the office and speak to them.

Actually since I have now been involved with  4 various placement/temp agencies I’ll do point form what normally happens so your aware of their standard operating procedure.

  1. You apply for a position that you see advertised in the paper, job site etc.
  2. They contact you and ask you if your still looking and what your looking for.
  3. There is usually some testing involved ie. typing, knowledge of Microsoft office, office skills (This can happen before the interview either at home, or at the office), WHMIS, Health and Safety, etc
  4. They then conduct an interview with you.  Over the phone or face to face.  Sometimes two interviews one over phone then face to face.  It all depends on the agency.
  5. They might ask to fill out a whole whack load of paperwork, basically signing your life away. ( one agency asked me to fill out over 20 pages of paperwork, provide them with my references, provide them with a copy of my drivers license and social insurance number, bank account information,Income tax papers.
  6. They usually do run a background check, credit check and references especially if you are applying for government related positions.  Hence why they ask for you to prove your identity.  Very rarely you may be required to have you documents notarized by a Notary Public.
  7. So you do all that and then you wait, well that’s what’s been happening with me.  In fact two of the agencies that I have dealt with I have never heard from again, kind of scary considering all the personal information they asked for.
  8. After all that is done, what should happen is you begin to get temp placements, for me though I am not having much success as of yet.
  9. Keep an open dialog of your availability and making them aware that you are still actively looking for employment.  I usually call or email up to 2x a week.  (it’s so they remember you)
I have just been hired at my 4th temp agency, this one has a more reputable reputation of finding employment for their staff, longer term placements and sometimes even permanent employment.  So far I have been contacted regularly and kept in the loop.  No positions have been offered to me to interview though so the jury is out on this particular temp agency it has only been 2 weeks so I won’t write them off as of yet.
I suppose that I can’t really base or compare the temp agencies where I live with the ones in big cities but I still thought that I would be in higher demand then I am.  I decided to go to these places because a lot of the higher paying companies in town use placement agencies as their Human Resources (by getting them to hire their staff for them to save them time/money on screening applicants),  So most the time these agencies have a tap into the hidden job markets that aren’t advertising publicly.  I look at these agencies as open doors into the job market.
So right now I am annoyed with placement agencies as a whole and when I see a job posting that is being advertised by one I am hesitant to apply because I feel like I am wasting my time.  I do though because well I need a job and I need to get one anyway that I can.  So hopefully the tides will turn and the calls will start rolling in.  I am now applying for anything and everything because you never know if you don’t try.
One thing that I should tell you is that you are told repeatedly that even though they have hired you (temp agency) that they cannot guarantee you employment temp or otherwise.  So if you want to get technical I have been hired by 2 temp agencies but still am unemployed.
So I will let you know the results in the oncoming weeks/months I am still looking and have not given up as of yet.  Also these agencies should not be charging you to hire you, they are not headhunter/recruiters so it should be free for you to work there.
So the temp agencies I have been involved with well it’s nothing like you think it would be I thought I would get phone calls daily or at least have a couple of weeks of work by now but not yet, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you and God Bless
Tina Marie

Comments on: "My experience with placement/temp agencies!" (3)

  1. I’m always wary of people or companies that need DL, SIN, Income tax, AND bank account. Why would they need all of that?

    • When applying for anything in government they need all that to run background/credit/criminal record check. To prove your identity as well.
      Also most placement agencies ask for bank info so that they can establish you on payroll immediately.

      It’s nothing that most places of employment ask for when you get hired, they just ask for it all before you get hired.

  2. emilyann11228 said:

    I was successfully placed twice for long term assignments at state level government agencies. Both times I was fingerprinted after the assignment started.

    The process for consideration was nothing like what you went through and I live in New York where the selection criteria are very high and the temp agency requirements just as high.

    I was tested on the entire Microsoft Office Suite plus keyboarding at the temp agency. I interviewed with two placement specialists each time. And then, my resume was sent to the state agency where the assignment was. For each one I did not have to interview. I started work on the date agreed upon and after 2-3 weeks was told they were very pleased and I’d be on board for the entire duration of the project. At the second assignment I went temp-to-hire and lasted 2 1/2 years as a contingency worker.

    I did have to provide an extensive list of references and made sure it was all up-to-date.

    When I read what you have gone through it seems excessive to me. I’ve also had to fill out forms for credit checks and did drug testing.

    Some temp agencies are very inquisitive about past assignments. They want contact info from the assignment itself rather than just the info about the agency you worked for. I’ve discussed this with other temps and found that sometimes this information is used as a marketing lead. In other words the agency asking for this info will then contact the places you were on assignment at in an attempt to offer their own services. This is why whenever I get such requests I simply write down the name of the agency that I worked for. The place I’m applying to will not get that info so quickly. Why should they?

    Many temp agencies have requirements that exceed the needs of the assignments you’re eventually placed in. I’ve always been tested for PowerPoint but have yet to use it.

    Best to you and keep faith.

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