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Back to School

Your thinking what your going back to school that’s great well I’m not the reason I titled it that is well I’m going to start home schooling myself I think that September is the perfect time to start something new or to start something over again, why wait till January.  The kids get a do over us adults can too. So lets see what do I want to school myself in.

Well I’m about to hit a milestone birthday, this birthday bugs me more then turning 30 did don’t know why I mean I don’t look anywhere near 35 but alas I will be in 4 months so It’s time to stop fooling around and get back  in class.

First a brief okay maybe not update of what the heck I’ve been doing..

This summer was great I worked the whole summer but I am working at a place that my job really doesn’t feel like work, I get to listen to music and podcasts all day and interact with staff when need be if need be by MSN Chat.  It’s so autonomous I’m pretty much boss less most days but she’s there if I need her.  I have been able to get home before dark, which has allowed me to walk home from down town at least 2x week or more.  I have weekends off so I have been able to reconnect with family and friends maybe not as much as I wanted to but I have had a semblance of a social life again which is great.  I got to go swimming this year I haven’t done that in a lot of years mainly because of work but mostly because I was too self conscious to get into a swimsuit, still am just have decided to not care so much.  So finances still suck I have a job but it’s just barely paying the bills because just as I started working mom stopped so the income got cut in half again.

Another reason I’m grateful it’s September mom is back to work and starting another job on top of that.  Hopefully I won’t have another lapse in employment because my contract that was supposed to end in Aug has now been extended till Mid October, but after that I don’t know what is going to happen, inside I want to stay where I am but unless we get major funding that won’t be happening.   So it will be onto the next thing hopefully straight away with no gaps and better pay would be great.

So who would have thunk it that I am the happiest I’ve ever been making half the amount of money working as a temp.  Yeah the insecurities and fears are still there but I don’t know they’ve lessened yes it helps to know that soon mom will be matching my income so all the bills won’t be entirely on my shoulders, which will free me up to finally accomplish some goals such as paying down debt.  I hope.

Well I wanted to do a list of things I plan on starting this September yep were 5 days in, so starting tomorrow till Dec I hope to start and continue to do these things it’s going to be one big list because well I’m lazy and don’t feel like separating them into individual maybe another day.  Plus the brain is thinking linear and not in categories it just wants to get it out, not organize the subjects.

Goals for Septemeber 2011 and Ongoing.  (might be repeating from last post, Sorry)

  • Organize bedroom, badly I’ve kind let that go a bit.  I might show you how bad (debating about that one) Start taking 15-20mins a day to clean room that way it don’t end like it is now.
  • Exercise in some way, shape or form 3x a week.
  • Get back on track w/nutritional cleanse follow it to a “T”
  • Read more books/blogs/magazines
  • Less TV big one (fall season starting though and I still haven’t watched most of last seasons shows, so begs that question what have I been watching, oh yeah Australian shows)
  • Stay on proper sleep schedule even on weekends
  • Once determined what finances are ongoing, create a budget and stick to it.
  • Continue to Listen to Podcasts from various Ministries instead of music
  • Start cooking more (Since Mom and I will be both be working f/t time to take turns)
  • Get out more.. Start instituting Date Nights with myself, shopping(window), Library, Movies etc
  • Socialize with Friends More
  • Bible Study, Devotionals Spend at least half hour in AM and again at night.
  • Journal both online and offline
  • Organize Calendar
  • Call Nieces and Nephews more.
  • Organize Wardrobe
  • Become Consultant again in Side Hustle, start generating some income from this.
  • Blog at least 3x a week or more.
  • Be more present in my every day and not worry about tomorrow till it’s here.
That’s a good enough list for now I think.
I’ve made a good start to some of them, so I’ll keep in touch to let you know of my progress.
Take and God Bless
Tina Marie

More possibilities around the corner

Okay I know, I am beginning to sound like a broken record but I have to remain in this mindset or I will not be able to believe that things are going to change.  So here I go again on what seems like the never ending hunt for a job.

This week was a pretty productive week I had a face to face interview for manager trainee at a clothing store  in a mall, yeah I don’t really want to do retail but you know what I am beginning to realize to borrow a line from the Rolling Stones ” You don’t always get what you want, you get what you need”.  So I am putting myself for all positions above and below and believing that God is working on the situation and that his timing is perfect.

That there is the job out there that I am meant to do for this season and right now getting the perfect job is always in the back of the head and I know it will happen.  It just might not happen right at this very minute, but that everything may be lining up for something to happen down the line.

So face to face went well and I was supposed to find out today and I am guessing from the lack of  a phone call that I didn’t get that.  Oh well, next.

Then I had a pre-screen interview (an interview before the face to face/to weed you out) over the phone with another great opportunity that would allow me to learn more about the way that financial planning works without the added pressure of actually having to reach quotas or targets.  As I would be the receptionist at this company and have the opportunity to receive additional training/certificates in the services that they offer.  It went really well but I won’t find out for another 2 weeks if I even qualify for a face to face interview and then another week before I find out if I got a job.  3 weeks is to long to wait so that opportunity is on the back burner.  Not closing the door to it, but not waiting around for it either.

So I did that normal routine of job search, but I decided to contact some old contacts and see what options they might have for me.  Have an appointment with my former employer counselor next week to see if she can help me.

I also heard back from my new employment agency that I was hired at a couple of weeks ago, she wanted to know if I would be interested in a temp position for a month or more at two offices and of course because I am remaining open to all possibilities I told her to go ahead.  Even if it is only for a month it will bring some money in to pay the bills because as of right now we are living off of mom’s money because I have not had a pay check since March.  Also the way I am looking at it is I can get my foot in the door to either of these organizations who knows where that might lead.

So as you can see many possibilities and until I am told otherwise I have a good feeling about these ones.  There is also the long shot still of hearing back from the census and working there for 3months they told me I might not hear till end of month and there are still a lot of days left in this month, so there is that hope.

I am just trying really hard to remain hopeful/positive about my circumstances.  I have over and over again stated that if I don’t have a job by X then I am just going to go get a minimum wage job, but every time I say that I get a phone call of hope around the corner so if I don’t hear anything from my placement agency on whether I got a temp placement by next week then minimum it is.

So that is the professional front, now onto the other fun part of my life my health or more clearly my weight/cleanse.

Unfortunately due to finances I had to stop the cleanse for the time being till I have the money to continue on the system which sucks because I was really starting to notice a difference.  You can definitely see a difference in my body.  I have been trying on my summer clothes and yeah things fit looser, or just fit better and it’s a great feeling.  I also started to exercise more regularly my next door neighbor “M” and I have been going for walks downtown and walking all around the neighborhood.  The only bad thing about that is she walks around and looks at the restaurants and says “we should try that one, and eat there.  Defeating the whole purpose of walking in the first place.

The first day this week we walked all over but stopped and shared a A&W burger and fry.  The second time we walked was for the intention of having crepes at this amazing little cafe.  If we can take the food out of the equation we might actually get somewhere.

It just truly reminds me how out of touch with my body I have gotten.  I used to walk everywhere, heck I used to bike to work at one point.  I just stopped caring and started making excuses, too tired, too busy, no money etc.  Well this year is going to be different I am going to get outside as much as I can and get active, because now that I am doing it I love it and I really don’t want to stop.  That is what the head is saying the body on the other hand is “screaming what the heck are you trying to do to me, kill me”.

I already have war wounds from my endeavors this week my feet are covered in blisters and my legs have been sore since my first walk.  However we are planning on doing this every 2nd day till it gets too hot to walk because we use it to catch up and hang out and to just get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather and the city we live in.

So tomorrow’s agenda is a resume blitz there is at least 15 jobs that I can apply for.  I no longer look at the no’s as rejection of me but more as that is just another job that wasn’t right for me and God knew so he closed the door.  When you go about life like that it makes it easier to swallow, the realist in me is having an extremely difficult time with this because the facts say that there is only X number of days left in this month and sooner then later my landlord is going to get annoyed with the situation and the bills still need to be paid etc.  I have to stop talking like that because it doesn’t help me, and I am doing all I can to get a job, so I just have to believe that the timing will click.  I have to truly live one day at a time, right now and stop focusing on the “what if’s”, easier said then done.

So thats where things stand right now, my gut is telling me that it’s coming to the end, the struggles, the difficulties etc.  That things will work out.

Thank you and God Bless

Tina Marie.

My mantra for this month is ” I believe that God is working!!!”

Progress on cleanse, Productive weekend.

Whoa man did I ever have a productive weekend my room has been officially gutted now to get all the stuff out of the apartment and down the 39 stairs.

Was realizing that should have took before and afters you would never have believed it was the same room oh well at least it’s organized.

Day 3 of cleanse almost done looking forward to another great night of learning at Church tonight.  Excited to see everyone even though it’s only been a week.  Thanks for those that were there for me, it was a rough one but I’m here and I may not know my future but at least I know who holds it.

So yeah I’m on another month normally some people do this cleanse for a month to detoxify and they are right as rain. I am planning on doing this particular cleanse for 6 months that’s how long it may take for my system to start acting like it’s supposed to instead of misbehaving.   What I mean by that is I have IBS and it has ruled my life for the past 5 years and before that if we look into my history it’s seems to have been an ongoing issue since I hit puberty a lot of my illness and allergies hit when I hit puberty.  Doc’s don’t know why their explanation is that it’s probably due to the fact that most women illness are hormonally based which is why puberty tends to be the trigger that worsens symptoms.  Well conventional methods of treating IBS have done more harm then good and so I’m trying this and so far I am loving it.

I have more energy before the idea of cleaning would have thrown me into a tailspin but nope I have gutted my whole room in a matter of a couple of days, no not straight but a task that would normally have taken me a month or so only really took me a couple of days to do.  I’m sleeping better, meaning that when I do get to bed, I sleep soundly, and not intermittent sleep which is very nice.  I wake up rested.  Which means I am not tired during the day and have stopped napping.

I’m eating more then I was before because I’m actually learning my body’s cue and listening to it and feeding it when it tell me that I am hungry so I am eating more on this then I did previously I was the queen of the one meal a day before because I wasn’t hungry or I was too busy to eat (when I worked).  Also because of the IBS didn’t want to eat in public in case there were adverse effects to what I had ate.

Now I eat 3 times a day and snacks and I am drinking tons of water, another thing I have had a problem with.  So far I am loving this and my IBS well not completely gone it has toned down a bit.  However when I do eat things that are bad for me like I did before I went back on the cleanse Poutine with Dad on Thurs and then someone treated us to KFC on Fri.  My body tells me that it doesn’t like it by sweating it out and getting rid of it.

Okay what your probably really wondering is if I’ve lost weight well I haven’t been on a scale I can tell you that I can now fit in to jeans I had 10years ago that are a size 12/14. I am now pulling on my jeans like jogging pants.  the bloat is gone from my stomach and I don’t have that puffy feeling I used to have. I see my shape again and not just fat.  I can’t wait to get on a scale because I think I’ve lost another 10 pounds I hope which would mean I’m well on my way to my 70pd goal.  Hopefully by adding the exercise this month that the pounds will come off as well as I will get toned at the same time, so I will start to see shape and muscle yeah.  I’m doing it all without going to a gym (no money)  I’m hoping to post a before picture very soon and another one  after the first month and follow from there so you can see the progress as I do.

This week now that the room is clean and I’m not focussed on that is to focus on growing my side businesses, and getting a job.  I have decided that if I’m not employed by the 8th of April by my own means that I am going to go get a job at the call centre in the interim till I can find a job(up my alley)that I will be satisfied at this for now (not a long term solution).  I look at is as the lesser of two evils.

No offence to those that work in a call center but it is the kind of job that I can put in my time and leave it there when my shift is over which means I won’t be expending much energy.  Which means I’ll have more energy to concentrate on growing the side businesses and because the bills are being paid the stress will be gone which means I will be able to just maybe take more risks.

So for now so bills can get paid and I can have some benefits I will be hopefully getting a job in the call center now if they won’t hire me I am really going to think there is something wrong with me.  I will continue to apply for jobs while working there but I will be able to get back on track with bills and even just maybe start paying down my debt.  It’s not the worst thing I can definitely think of worse things to be doing.

So that’s the plan for this week:

  • JOB
  • Grow Side Business (talk to 10 peoples about business)
  • Sign up for some freelance bids
  • Blog/(Still debating about domain $17 can’t afford right now, nope not kidding)
  • Get stuff that I’m getting rid of out of the apartment (39 stairs x 10, yeah there’s some of my exercise for the week)
  • Exercise start working out using ball at least 3 times this week, go for a walk at least 3 times this week. start lifting weights (that I borrowed 3 months ago)
  • Continue on cleanse (if interested let me know and I’ll provide the website privately)
  • Spend more time reading and less time watching.
  • Continue with my courses/upgrading skills.
  • Continue to live one day at a time
  • Enjoy the rest of my time that I have off because it is over very shortly.

Also one more thing thinking of become public if for nothing so that I truly have no more secrets in my life. what do you guys think Public or anonymous?

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