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And so the Gutting begins..

Okay, so I have 4 more days off and so far it’s been great I have had some really great meals w/friends and family, spent some great quality time with my parents. and am now in the phase I would like to call “gutting my room” Yesterday started with organizing my hope chest which really I should just call my “craft chest” because that’s what’s in there. But today is the hard yards organizing my closet and my bookshelves, it’s going to be tough to not let sentimentality come into play but it needs to be done there is no room in my closet for anything. It’s time to get rid of the things holding me back no use keeping clothes I’m never going to fit in again because I’m never going to be 200lbs again ever.. and thanks to the product that I’ve been consistently taking I’m going to be able to get to my goal weight this year. 40lbs to go. God is working, has been all the time.. Bring on 2012 this is going to be the best year yet.. can’t wait so excited for it.

Take care and God Bless

Tina Marie


My February Budget

Okay so I’m really scared right now, because I know that what I’m about to do is opening myself up in more ways then telling my deep dark secrets.  I’m going to show you my budget.  What I currently pay and how much,  In more ways then one I can relate to but I believe, I have to believe it will all change very soon.

Okay here we go.  I make $1088 a month (but I always include my $ from the 1st in the balance for the month to pay for the end of the month/beginning of the month bills)


  • Feb 1st $548 E.I.
  • Feb 15th $ 548 E.I.
  • March 1st $ 548 E.I.
  • Mom’s Contribution $300
  • E.C $65
  • Money borrowed from L.A. $400 ( went on Mom’s rent shortfall from Jan $160, and Feb rent $80 & Cell bill)

Expenses: Rent

  • $390 (my half)
  • Phone $356 (paying $150 end of month rest in March)
  • Cell $121 pd (stupid contract)
  • Hydro $200 (pd $100, rest in March)
  • Visa $30 pd
  • Capital One $100 pd
  • Bmo Mastercard $112 pd
  • Netflix $8 pd
  • Big Fish $8 pd
  •  $28 pd
  • Magazines $23 pd
  • Gamehouse $23 pd
  • Leons $41 (Bed &Freezer) pd
  • Loan (Citifinancial) $ 103 pd
  • Music $11 pd
  • Dell $58/ $47(laptop) pd
  • World Vision $35 pd
  • Student Loan $ 20 ( they take my income tax,credits, G.S.T. etc) (only$1400 left)
  • Groceries $107 (overspent) usually only $50

Last but not least Tithes 10% of my income that I give back to my church in honour of my trust for God to meet my needs Malachai 3:11.

Okay I know I have some explaining to do, yes there are a lot of frivolous extras that could be gone if I was dead serious about getting ahead however in my defense I need these extras, because I don’t believe I should be punished well I’m unemployed (because I’m trying very hard to get a job) so that is why I still have Netflix, Gamehouse, big fish, and my magazines.

I like movies, I like playing games and I love magazines.  I spend $23 on 8 magazines that on the new-stands would cost me more than twice that.  I don’t eat out, I don’t have any addictions (smoking, drinking, shopping), I haven’t bought any new clothes last year (well except for my cousins wedding in Aug).  So I allow myself to have these extras and have sacrificed elsewhere.  I used to be a huge junkfood/take out addict and I replaced that with my subscriptions for my games.  I don’t like going to the show nor can I afford it so I got which we usually get over 15 movies a month for that cost depending on fast we watch them and send them back.  Netflix was going to replace Zip but mom likes to get the DVD’s so she can share them around with other people especially if they are good movies.

My World Vison Child should not lose her support because I have no job, I am blessed and the $35 month is nothing compared to what she truly needs so I’m going to continue that in fact I want to get another one when i’m working again.

I can’t cancel my cell because of the stupid 3 year contract I signed, believing that I would have a job more immediately and not 6 months later.

My Credit cards are maxed because of my lovely trip to Disney that I took before I lost my job, which is why the minimum are so high plus other stupidities like annual fees and over limit fees because of skipping a month.

My loan is money I borrowed to go to a wedding in the summer for my cousin ( a soldier who came back from Afghanistan alive)  So we had a wedding/reunion and I was not missing that.

So that is a basic idea of my budget phone goes up and down hydro is only that high because it hasn’t been paid in a bit. Phone includes $60 Internet and nearly $35 in tax (yikes) and a stupid collect call from mom ( I missed her so I talked a really long time, $64, won’t do that ever again)

So yeah that’s how I live stressed every month wondering how i’m going to do it.  Now that mom’s back at work we should be able to be completely regular payments by March 15th just in time for my E.I. to end.. If you believe in prayer it would be great if you could pray that I get a good paying job so I can get out of debt and meet my needs.

One more thing if you did do a credit check and saw my history you would get a negative idea about me, but what you wouldn’t see in that report is that I have not been supporting myself for most of my life that I have been at most times supporting myself, and other family members because of their own issues.  Which is why this year I declared the bank closed and am determine to stick with it because a lot of my issues with money stem from me wanting to help everyone at the detriment of myself.

Thank you

Tina Marie

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