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And so the Gutting begins..

Okay, so I have 4 more days off and so far it’s been great I have had some really great meals w/friends and family, spent some great quality time with my parents. and am now in the phase I would like to call “gutting my room” Yesterday started with organizing my hope chest which really I should just call my “craft chest” because that’s what’s in there. But today is the hard yards organizing my closet and my bookshelves, it’s going to be tough to not let sentimentality come into play but it needs to be done there is no room in my closet for anything. It’s time to get rid of the things holding me back no use keeping clothes I’m never going to fit in again because I’m never going to be 200lbs again ever.. and thanks to the product that I’ve been consistently taking I’m going to be able to get to my goal weight this year. 40lbs to go. God is working, has been all the time.. Bring on 2012 this is going to be the best year yet.. can’t wait so excited for it.

Take care and God Bless

Tina Marie


My Journey to getting back on track.

Okay so where do I start.  If you have been following my blog, you know that in Jan of this year I started a nutritional cleansing program called Isagenix.  I don’t want my blog to turn into an infomercial but needless to say it’s been life changing and finally feel like the Tina Marie I used to be before I allowed my insecurities and fear oh and depression from stopping me from living a full life.  I’m not saying that Isagenix was my cure all there were alot of other things I did besides this but it was the catalyst to getting the ball rolling into helping me and will continuously help me to get to where I want to be at least when it comes to my physical health.

Okay so when I started this program for the first time in November of 2010 I was just taking the shakes twice a day or once a day etc.  It was a sample from a friend to see if I had any adverse reactions to the products before I invested into it.   I didn’t in fact within the first week I noticed a difference and I lost 10lbs in that month alone.  Yeah it was probably mostly water weight but it got the ball rolling and I’m not stopping till I reach my goal.  When I started I weighed 197lbs 3 short of 200lbs which is a lot, but when you add the fact that I am barely 5ft 1″, it’s hazardous and can cause all sorts of problems.. I tend to carry my weight in my hips, thighs and butt.  However at this weight I was carrying it all over.

Okay so lets fast forward to January I started to do the whole system I wish I can say that I’m the poster child for routines but I’m not.  I suck and I’m working on this too.  I am not good at following a regimen of anything so I have not been doing the system to the letter or consistently.. Mostly due to finances but when I am following it to the T.  I am amazed at how better I feel.  My digestive issues have improved, I’m sleeping better, my skin is clearer, oh and my energy is through the roof.   Basically I am a new person and my family and friends have  noticed it and so are therefore encouraging me to continue with it.  I’ve also got some family that have joined independently on their own and are having some great results with it as well.

I have my drive back.. it went away for a bit but it’s back and I am loving it.  So I have lost 30lbs since I started and this is not doing it consistently and without very little exercise.   Which is great I have found since starting this that I have lost my taste for junkfood my body craves healthy foods, I have more energy and I want to exercise.   So that’s it, infomercial over lol.   I have been promising before and after’s forever but I thought I could do one better and show some pics since Aug 2010 till Aug 2011 so you can see the difference like I do.

You may be thinking and I know I thought the same thing that the system I’m doing sounds hazardous because I doesn’t sound like I’m eating much but trust me I am eating more now then I did before this I used to only eat once a day (supper usually and a huge one because I was starving)  Now I’m eating up to 6 times a day.  My 2 shakes, snacks and meal.. I’m drinking ridiculous amounts of water.   Oh and because I have got my digestive system back on track I actually am able to eat a meal and not have to worry that it won’t stay in.  You can check it and it’s properities by clicking the Link.  I’m planning on doing this or some variation of this for the rest of my life.   The way I look at it is that it’s this or spend the same kind of money on ridiculous amounts of meds to keep me going.   I can’t say that Isagenix did all this for me but losing weight and getting back on track with my sleep patterns and starting to exercise certainly didn’t hurt.

So what else have I done people are starting to ask.  I hate exercise but I love to walk so I’ve been walking more, walking home from downtown.  Walking to the Beach.  Just a lot more walking.. Getting outside enjoying summer.. I went swimming 2x this summer first time in 4 years I’ve been swimming in the lake.  Just those 15mins a day or 3x a week has made a difference.

I’ve stop beating myself up, I allow myself a treat every now and then.  I think okay I know that if I got completely on board with this program and did it to the letter that I would see even bigger results like I have seen around me.  It’s like anything if you want to do it well you have to stick with it.  I am hoping over the next couple of months that I will be able to get more active and by my 35th birthday in December in 4 months have lost another 10lbs or more.

I’m not perfect and that’s okay with me I ran out a couple of weeks ago well more like 3 weeks and instantly I wanted junk and because I wasn’t on the system I ended up pigging out a couple of times but the majority of the time I have been doing well.  I’m not ashamed to admit that one night well mindlessly watching 3 versions of Next Top Model I devoured a pint of Ben & Jerry’s If I had a 1million flavours, or that then a couple of weeks later I ended up having chips for supper (All dressed).   That’s okay I can start again tomorrow.  Which I did.

So this month I’m treating it like the beginning of my school year too.  I’m going to get back on track and start following a regimen in my life I’ve already got the ball rolling when it comes to my sleeping and eating habits now onto the rest of it which is the dreaded word of exercise.  I still don’t have the finances to join a gym so I’m going to be home-schooled for now and will attempt to self teach myself till that time comes and I can attend classes.

This months goals are:

  • to start going for a walk at least 3x’s a week.
  • Do at least 20mins a day on the ball/pilates
  • Start stretching in the AM before work
  • Continue to eat healthy till next shipment comes in next week.
  • Stretch at work, get up from my desk more often.
That’s it for this entry now the part that you have all been waiting for pictures.   I have not taken the precaution of blacking out my face, I’m beginning to get less and less concerned about being discovered.  This part of my life I don’t have a problem shouting it from the roof tops.
Okay Pics from Aug 2010 to Aug 2011

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ABC’s of Me


ABC’s of Me

by (Finally) Growing up After 30!

I got this from All She Wants.

  • Age: 34
  • Bed Size: Queen
  • Chore You Hate: Dishes
  • Dogs: none
  • Essential start of your day: Isagenix Shake
  • Favorite color: Purple, Blue
  • Gold or silver: Gold (I am allergic to all else)
  • Height: 5 foot 1 and a bit (I need the bit)
  • Instruments I play (or have played): Clarinet, Piano, Organ, Air Drums, Air Guitar
  • Job title: Currently Jobless
  • Kids: One day. I have to find their dad first.
  • Live: Northern Ontario, Canada
  • Mom’s name: Mom
  • Nickname:  Tee,
  • Overnight hospital stays: When I was 4 had my adenoids and tonsils removed.
  • Pet peeve:  People, Okay women who act helpless and dumb, when in real life they are actually quite intelligent and capable.
  • Quote from a movie: I can’t think of just one
  • Right or left handed: Right.
  • Siblings: 1 brother (younger, 1 Sis (older, have never met) and a 1 Step Sis
  • Time you wake up: right now jobless, so whenever between 9am and 12pm (depends on how late I was up)
  • Underwear: boyshorts, hipsters (lowrise)
  • Vegetables you dislike: Radishes
  • What makes you run late: Spending too much time on my hair
  • X-rays you’ve had done: my body has been seen many times (previous health issues)
  • Yummy food you make: There’s a lot I can cook, I make a mean Shepherd’s Pie, and Fajitas
  • Zoo animal: Tigers

More possibilities around the corner

Okay I know, I am beginning to sound like a broken record but I have to remain in this mindset or I will not be able to believe that things are going to change.  So here I go again on what seems like the never ending hunt for a job.

This week was a pretty productive week I had a face to face interview for manager trainee at a clothing store  in a mall, yeah I don’t really want to do retail but you know what I am beginning to realize to borrow a line from the Rolling Stones ” You don’t always get what you want, you get what you need”.  So I am putting myself for all positions above and below and believing that God is working on the situation and that his timing is perfect.

That there is the job out there that I am meant to do for this season and right now getting the perfect job is always in the back of the head and I know it will happen.  It just might not happen right at this very minute, but that everything may be lining up for something to happen down the line.

So face to face went well and I was supposed to find out today and I am guessing from the lack of  a phone call that I didn’t get that.  Oh well, next.

Then I had a pre-screen interview (an interview before the face to face/to weed you out) over the phone with another great opportunity that would allow me to learn more about the way that financial planning works without the added pressure of actually having to reach quotas or targets.  As I would be the receptionist at this company and have the opportunity to receive additional training/certificates in the services that they offer.  It went really well but I won’t find out for another 2 weeks if I even qualify for a face to face interview and then another week before I find out if I got a job.  3 weeks is to long to wait so that opportunity is on the back burner.  Not closing the door to it, but not waiting around for it either.

So I did that normal routine of job search, but I decided to contact some old contacts and see what options they might have for me.  Have an appointment with my former employer counselor next week to see if she can help me.

I also heard back from my new employment agency that I was hired at a couple of weeks ago, she wanted to know if I would be interested in a temp position for a month or more at two offices and of course because I am remaining open to all possibilities I told her to go ahead.  Even if it is only for a month it will bring some money in to pay the bills because as of right now we are living off of mom’s money because I have not had a pay check since March.  Also the way I am looking at it is I can get my foot in the door to either of these organizations who knows where that might lead.

So as you can see many possibilities and until I am told otherwise I have a good feeling about these ones.  There is also the long shot still of hearing back from the census and working there for 3months they told me I might not hear till end of month and there are still a lot of days left in this month, so there is that hope.

I am just trying really hard to remain hopeful/positive about my circumstances.  I have over and over again stated that if I don’t have a job by X then I am just going to go get a minimum wage job, but every time I say that I get a phone call of hope around the corner so if I don’t hear anything from my placement agency on whether I got a temp placement by next week then minimum it is.

So that is the professional front, now onto the other fun part of my life my health or more clearly my weight/cleanse.

Unfortunately due to finances I had to stop the cleanse for the time being till I have the money to continue on the system which sucks because I was really starting to notice a difference.  You can definitely see a difference in my body.  I have been trying on my summer clothes and yeah things fit looser, or just fit better and it’s a great feeling.  I also started to exercise more regularly my next door neighbor “M” and I have been going for walks downtown and walking all around the neighborhood.  The only bad thing about that is she walks around and looks at the restaurants and says “we should try that one, and eat there.  Defeating the whole purpose of walking in the first place.

The first day this week we walked all over but stopped and shared a A&W burger and fry.  The second time we walked was for the intention of having crepes at this amazing little cafe.  If we can take the food out of the equation we might actually get somewhere.

It just truly reminds me how out of touch with my body I have gotten.  I used to walk everywhere, heck I used to bike to work at one point.  I just stopped caring and started making excuses, too tired, too busy, no money etc.  Well this year is going to be different I am going to get outside as much as I can and get active, because now that I am doing it I love it and I really don’t want to stop.  That is what the head is saying the body on the other hand is “screaming what the heck are you trying to do to me, kill me”.

I already have war wounds from my endeavors this week my feet are covered in blisters and my legs have been sore since my first walk.  However we are planning on doing this every 2nd day till it gets too hot to walk because we use it to catch up and hang out and to just get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather and the city we live in.

So tomorrow’s agenda is a resume blitz there is at least 15 jobs that I can apply for.  I no longer look at the no’s as rejection of me but more as that is just another job that wasn’t right for me and God knew so he closed the door.  When you go about life like that it makes it easier to swallow, the realist in me is having an extremely difficult time with this because the facts say that there is only X number of days left in this month and sooner then later my landlord is going to get annoyed with the situation and the bills still need to be paid etc.  I have to stop talking like that because it doesn’t help me, and I am doing all I can to get a job, so I just have to believe that the timing will click.  I have to truly live one day at a time, right now and stop focusing on the “what if’s”, easier said then done.

So thats where things stand right now, my gut is telling me that it’s coming to the end, the struggles, the difficulties etc.  That things will work out.

Thank you and God Bless

Tina Marie.

My mantra for this month is ” I believe that God is working!!!”

My weekend at Deerhurst Resort/Victory Women’s Conference

Okay well this should be a post about my review of the Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, ON where I stayed for the weekend during the 2011 Victory Women’s Conference.  It will be, but it will also be about my amazing experience at the Conference.  Which will be in a separate consecutive post.

We arrived on Thursday, check in was a breeze I had booked the room with my credit card but we used another person’s Card for the incidentals and they had no problems with that.

We were located very close to the main building about a 1 min drive and a 10 min walk ( I know because I walked there on Fri)  Located in the condo’s named “The Greens” .  Each building is number then you have a separate room number as well.  There is a shuttle that runs the grounds 24/7 so if you can’t walk between locations this will get you there it runs every 15 mins or so.

We were located in the top level of the Condo’s which was okay for most of us but if you have someone who has difficulty with mobility issues you might want to check into that.  I didn’t have the luxury of choice because ( I got the last condo booked for the condo)  So no break from stairs for the weekend, oh well.

When you open the door, especially if your not used to that kind of luxury, you can kind of gasp out loud.  The condo is huge and so comforting, so what if the decor is a little dated when you go somewhere that is out in Nature and billing itself as rustic you expect it.  I was very pleased with the accommodations there were 3 bedrooms.  1 with a queen bed, 1 with 2 queens and 1 with a huge King.  All the bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms, so no fighting for bathroom time.  Two of the bathrooms have huge Jacuzzi tubs.

There is a full kitchen, we didn’t really get to use ( I was with a bunch of women who are mom’s and not interested in cooking for the weekend it was their break, and I was on my Isagenix Cleanse)  It would be perfect for family reunions or a group of people interested in saving money by cooking.  A huge Dining Table and a nice size living room with a gas fireplace.  There is also a nice size balcony with table and chairs overlooking the you guessed “Greens” of the golf course.

Now onto the review.  the room was damp and a little chilly when we arrived so after some figuring out we turned on the gas fireplace to warm it up. ( It was left on all weekend to keep us warm).  It was a very cozy environment perfect place for 6 women to chill out.  The condo’s have a max of 6 people which some of us didn’t understand because if you share beds you could easily fit 10 people with the 4 beds and pull out couch.

Once we were unloaded we decided to head out and eat ahead of the meetings so we headed to the resort (main building) that houses 3 restaurants we wanted the quickest and least expensive so we headed to the Grill which is not very easy to locate it’s like a fair walk from the entrance and down more stairs ( there is an elevator for people with mobility issues)

It’s nice very typical of a bar and grill, nature inspired decor, booths and table and chairs pretty typical of most restaurants these days, It had this amazing gas fireplace that was not on and should of been because it was damp there as well.

The prices are pretty reasonable a little more pricier then the norm but nothing outrageous eg. fries were $5 for a serving and poutine was $8 so yeah they increased the prices a bit.  Appetizers were between 5 and $13, they had Salads, Entree’s priced between $15 and (actually don’t remember the highest price).  Also I didn’t take pictures of my food oops but we ordered A Chicken Dish with Couscous Risotto because I wanted to experiment, I mean not exposed to this kind of food very often.  It was okay mom and I split so we didn’t get the presentation factor that my friends got, but the dishes looked like the stuff you see on Masterchef or Top Chef very nicely done.  Our food was okay, not great a little too spicy for me and mom, and I don’t think that Couscous makes a nice risotto, but it filled the bill for filling us we paid $21 plus tip meal came up to $25.  So not bad for us.  The rest of my group loved their food, one ordered Veggie burger w/salad,  Israel Couscous Salad, Baked Brie w/Cranberry and Toasts, Chicken Fingers and Salad, Fish and Chips.  So a very nice variety indeed.

It was a little on the loud side wherever you went at the resort that weekend because we had the lovely experience of having a conference at the same time as a dance competition so we were surrounded by kids/teens and their parents/coaches running and dancing all around us in what some of us thought were little to no clothing.  Glad that we weren’t staying in the main building I am sure those people did not get the quiet nights we did.

So on Friday we had the opportunity to have some free time between meetings so we managed to walk over to the main building and try out the gym facilities again located a little out of the way.  It’s an okay arrangement it was pretty busy there.  They have treadmills, Elliptical, Rowing, Incumbent Bike, Stepper, A weight room and other stuff there was several pieces of equipment out of order and not a lot of room to do floor exercises with the provided flexibility balls.  I think my experience would have been different if it wouldn’t have been so busy (still self conscious).  But I did manage to do 15mins on the treadmill, work on the elliptical, Some other thing that worked my arms, Some floor work and then well I was tired I haven’t been working out like that in a long time.

Then we headed down to the pool which is gorgeous and surrounded with kids (thanks to the dance competition),  It’s beautiful and I am pretty sure it’s salt because I didn’t have the assaulting smell of chlorine in my nasal cavity and I was able to stay and enjoy it for a full 45mins with out any problems.

I tried the hot tub for 5 mins way too hot for me in fact I sat in it and immediately got lightheaded and had trouble breathing (so that is way too hot for anyone in my opinion).  Would have stayed longer but we were on a time crunch.

There is so much to do at the resort that I would really like to go back and experience more there is a spa, golf course, biking, hiking, and horseback riding.  Unfortunately this trip was very budget and most of their activities have an additional fee that is not included in your resort fee that you pay when you check in.

Our meetings were located in another building that was not within walking distance so we took the van to go there or we could have taken the shuttle.  Nice size room and the meals provided by the conference were upstairs from the meeting and yes again there is an elevator.  I didn’t partake in the meals but from what I saw there were pretty nice and my group had no complaints.

Our main gala on Friday night was located in the Thompson Ballroom and it was amazing it was beautiful and you felt like a princess which was the point.  It was set up elegantly and so special.  They had this amazing punch that was strawberry and something else set up at the back, they served it all and got offended when we tried to even get our own tea or coffee ( we kept being told that it’s their job to serve us), amazing staff.

Saturday the day we were leaving it finally decided to get sunny and warm, oh well so we had a chance to really see the grounds they are beautiful and there is so much to see and do the place is huge (hence the shuttle).  Just walked around and took in the beauty and took some pictures of the place definitely want to go back and just experience more of it.  Now onto the fun stuff the cost. (Keep in mind we had a discount from the conference so it’s a little more expensive then what we paid, in a group though very affordable).

We had the 3 bedroom condo ( Not the Large One) It cost us $713 for 2 nights (yeah I know sounds high but when you divide by 6 or 7 people it’s not bad.  This cost includes the resort fee and taxes the room originally started at $309 a night so there is a lot of additional charges attached but completely worth it.

We paid aprox around $60 or so a night each and on Friday night we had a 7th person so the cost went down even lower yeah.

We divided the cost of the gas so that was $25 each.

There was a conference fee that included the meals there were 2 options $200 paid for all the meals and the conference for Friday and Saturday.  $160 for the meals on Saturday and the conference. and what I paid was $100 for just the Gala and conference.

So my total cost for the weekend was

  • $100 Conference & Gala
  • $25 Gas
  • $110.66
Total = $235.66 which is not bad for a weekend at Deerhurst completely affordable weekend for a group of women.
I hope to go again sometime this summer once I am back on my feet.  I completely enjoyed myself and it was a great treat.  Thanks Mom you were right!!

The only downside I found for me is the bed was just a little too hard for my liking other then that.  Great weekend.

Here are some pictures of our condo, and the resort.

Next post: The Conference.

It’s spring here and I had a great day with my dad.

Yeah so you were probably expecting a great post about 7 Great things about me well I tried to write it for over an hour and a half and it’s not coming to me so I put it aside again for another day and will attempt to try again or maybe I’ll just save it for next week.

Today was a great day, I got out and about (it’s spring) and spent a pretty great day with my Dad.  After all that has happened in the world and in some of my friends life in general.  I was overjoyed to have the privilege to spend the day with Him (alone). I am learning that you truly don’t know when your time is up so enjoy the time you have and it sounds corny but love the ones your with.

Dad and I didn’t do anything extraordinary we went to our usual places.  Walmart (got some basics), Costco (shared a poutine), and then we went to the grocery store (where I didn’t get chicken) and the Taxation office.   Exciting right, not exactly but we got to look at and do stuff that we don’t get to do together very often since he lives out of town.

My dad has instilled his geeky vibe in me I am his daughter truly.  I love pretty much all the same things as him were both techies, with a love of sci fi and playing games, home improvement, architecture, home design, action movies, tv, cooking and music.  I probably started doing some of these activities to bond with Dad but over the years it has become my passion as much as his.  My dad is a little abnormal compared to my friends Dad’s.  He’s not very social tends to keep to himself, watching tv, playing games okay he is a complete homebody.  Sound familiar. We have a lot of the same social tendencies and deal with things in pretty much the same way by shutting down.  But he has always been there and at times he can be my greatest cheerleader which is exactly what I needed after this week.

I’m okay with my dad the way he is because I don’t think I could handle a loud obnoxious Dad who was an overachiever and never home.  My dad has always been there hence our regular shopping day.

We always peruse the same things flat screen tv’s, blue ray players, comforters, he patiently lets me look at clothes and shoes and I patiently wait well he dissects whether to buy the HDMI cables to stream his Netflix to his 50″ tv or to suck it up and spend way more money on either a blue ray or yikes a video game system.

The thing is besides groceries we never buy anything, we just window shop and analyze what we would do.

My dad takes me shopping (grocery) usually because well folks without a car it’s a lot easier to do them with Dad (he has a car) then to take the bus.  So I wait for dad to come to town and do the groceries with him.

I have a routine with him there and yes even though I am 34 yrs old I still let my Dad pick the meat and the melons if need be I ask him his opinion on just about everything not because I am needy or incapable, but because I like having my dad’s input and showing him that no matter how old I get his opinion will always matter.  I might not always follow it but it will always factor into my life.

After shopping, He then came to my apartment and tried to hook up my DVD player we had given to us after our other DVD player broke.  Through discovery we found out that didn’t work either, but that I had hooked up the other one right so yeah for me.  So now my collection of defunct electronics is growing and I seriously am at a loss of what to do with it that will be another issue for another day.   This is where you would usually ask your dad to do the heavy lifting and bring the stuff downstairs to the trash.  Well due to dad’s disability I’m actually stronger then him and that is not really saying much.  So I am stuck with all the electronics till I can kidnap my brother who also lives out of town to do a clean up for us.

I know my Dad doesn’t read this parents are aware of it but I have not yet been brave enough to tell them where it is which is strange considering I am pretty much an open book with them but this is all mine, for now.

Okay didn’t know where this was going, but I guess I just wanted to write about my great day with my Dad it will flowed off the fingers instead of the albatross of talking about great things about me.

thanks for letting me share that.  God Bless

Tina Marie.

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