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My Journey to getting back on track.

Okay so where do I start.  If you have been following my blog, you know that in Jan of this year I started a nutritional cleansing program called Isagenix.  I don’t want my blog to turn into an infomercial but needless to say it’s been life changing and finally feel like the Tina Marie I used to be before I allowed my insecurities and fear oh and depression from stopping me from living a full life.  I’m not saying that Isagenix was my cure all there were alot of other things I did besides this but it was the catalyst to getting the ball rolling into helping me and will continuously help me to get to where I want to be at least when it comes to my physical health.

Okay so when I started this program for the first time in November of 2010 I was just taking the shakes twice a day or once a day etc.  It was a sample from a friend to see if I had any adverse reactions to the products before I invested into it.   I didn’t in fact within the first week I noticed a difference and I lost 10lbs in that month alone.  Yeah it was probably mostly water weight but it got the ball rolling and I’m not stopping till I reach my goal.  When I started I weighed 197lbs 3 short of 200lbs which is a lot, but when you add the fact that I am barely 5ft 1″, it’s hazardous and can cause all sorts of problems.. I tend to carry my weight in my hips, thighs and butt.  However at this weight I was carrying it all over.

Okay so lets fast forward to January I started to do the whole system I wish I can say that I’m the poster child for routines but I’m not.  I suck and I’m working on this too.  I am not good at following a regimen of anything so I have not been doing the system to the letter or consistently.. Mostly due to finances but when I am following it to the T.  I am amazed at how better I feel.  My digestive issues have improved, I’m sleeping better, my skin is clearer, oh and my energy is through the roof.   Basically I am a new person and my family and friends have  noticed it and so are therefore encouraging me to continue with it.  I’ve also got some family that have joined independently on their own and are having some great results with it as well.

I have my drive back.. it went away for a bit but it’s back and I am loving it.  So I have lost 30lbs since I started and this is not doing it consistently and without very little exercise.   Which is great I have found since starting this that I have lost my taste for junkfood my body craves healthy foods, I have more energy and I want to exercise.   So that’s it, infomercial over lol.   I have been promising before and after’s forever but I thought I could do one better and show some pics since Aug 2010 till Aug 2011 so you can see the difference like I do.

You may be thinking and I know I thought the same thing that the system I’m doing sounds hazardous because I doesn’t sound like I’m eating much but trust me I am eating more now then I did before this I used to only eat once a day (supper usually and a huge one because I was starving)  Now I’m eating up to 6 times a day.  My 2 shakes, snacks and meal.. I’m drinking ridiculous amounts of water.   Oh and because I have got my digestive system back on track I actually am able to eat a meal and not have to worry that it won’t stay in.  You can check it and it’s properities by clicking the Link.  I’m planning on doing this or some variation of this for the rest of my life.   The way I look at it is that it’s this or spend the same kind of money on ridiculous amounts of meds to keep me going.   I can’t say that Isagenix did all this for me but losing weight and getting back on track with my sleep patterns and starting to exercise certainly didn’t hurt.

So what else have I done people are starting to ask.  I hate exercise but I love to walk so I’ve been walking more, walking home from downtown.  Walking to the Beach.  Just a lot more walking.. Getting outside enjoying summer.. I went swimming 2x this summer first time in 4 years I’ve been swimming in the lake.  Just those 15mins a day or 3x a week has made a difference.

I’ve stop beating myself up, I allow myself a treat every now and then.  I think okay I know that if I got completely on board with this program and did it to the letter that I would see even bigger results like I have seen around me.  It’s like anything if you want to do it well you have to stick with it.  I am hoping over the next couple of months that I will be able to get more active and by my 35th birthday in December in 4 months have lost another 10lbs or more.

I’m not perfect and that’s okay with me I ran out a couple of weeks ago well more like 3 weeks and instantly I wanted junk and because I wasn’t on the system I ended up pigging out a couple of times but the majority of the time I have been doing well.  I’m not ashamed to admit that one night well mindlessly watching 3 versions of Next Top Model I devoured a pint of Ben & Jerry’s If I had a 1million flavours, or that then a couple of weeks later I ended up having chips for supper (All dressed).   That’s okay I can start again tomorrow.  Which I did.

So this month I’m treating it like the beginning of my school year too.  I’m going to get back on track and start following a regimen in my life I’ve already got the ball rolling when it comes to my sleeping and eating habits now onto the rest of it which is the dreaded word of exercise.  I still don’t have the finances to join a gym so I’m going to be home-schooled for now and will attempt to self teach myself till that time comes and I can attend classes.

This months goals are:

  • to start going for a walk at least 3x’s a week.
  • Do at least 20mins a day on the ball/pilates
  • Start stretching in the AM before work
  • Continue to eat healthy till next shipment comes in next week.
  • Stretch at work, get up from my desk more often.
That’s it for this entry now the part that you have all been waiting for pictures.   I have not taken the precaution of blacking out my face, I’m beginning to get less and less concerned about being discovered.  This part of my life I don’t have a problem shouting it from the roof tops.
Okay Pics from Aug 2010 to Aug 2011

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Creating Muliple Streams of Income. Learning not to rely on 1 Source.

So I went to a seminar a couple of weeks ago and something just clicked. The speaker said that in this day and age we can no longer rely on 1 source of income to make ends meet and meet our financial goals/dreams for ourself. He said that we need to start thinking along the lines of creating “Multiple Streams of Income” and a light bulb went off like seriously I saw a light bulb over my head telling me that is your solution to your problems. I mean I have thought about it previously but I was always in the frame of mind that I’ve worked my self to exhaustion before to the point of burn out and nothing is worth me jeopardizing my health again that I was happy meeting the status quo as long as not pushing myself.
However with that stream of thought I’m not getting any further ahead, I’m not stalled in the pay cheque to pay cheque scenario and it’s not working, not anymore I’m more stressed not being able to pay things in full.

I’m sure that you guys can relate, okay most of my readers are over this hurdle and are my constant inspiration and well before job loss I was on my way to being like the other bloggers I read paying my bills I was even offered a loan and was going to use it to go back to school and buy a car, pay debt down, maybe and then life happened and I learned just how much the lessons that I have been taught really mattered.

You know having an emergency fund and savings etc.

I would have been great financially if only for one thing I went on a trip of a lifetime a very cheap trip scrapping the whole way there and back to Orlando Florida to Disneworld/Conference for 10 days 2 weeks before getting fired. I had maxed out all my cards, spent my vacation pay, basically spent my back up plan. Had a great time,  but I would never have done it  if I had known that what happened next would happen again. Can’t live your life regretting things I got to do something I’ve been wanting to do since I was a little girl.

Onto the rest of the year, I decided that I would take full advantage of not working do a lot of things I haven’t been able to do because I was so busy working and it was a great year. Also because I’m tired of working just to work I’ve been more selective about where I’m applying. Anyways off topic, not hard for me.

So I’m planning on now still applying for the great jobs with the great pay as well as the low paying jobs and if need be get two jobs till I get out of debt as well as generate “side jobs” as most personal finance bloggers/planners call it.

So this is the plan get 1 or 2 jobs use 1 to live for basic expenses, use the 2nd job to pay debt and save, and the side jobs are extra that I hope to also use for paying down debt and possibly starting my down payment fund for a house. On top of that I do want to get a degree to go with all my experience and get my license, learn my language(french)

So Multiple Streams of Income:

  • Freelance: hoping to start doing some freelance work if I can find something legit, apply myself to some jobs etc. (writing, typing, resumes, website design(without the programming)
  • Direct Marketing: Started this for me to get healthy and get the IBS under control and if it starts generating me money from referrals yeah for me. I have a website about the product but do not want to disclose it as it would expose my true identity so if your curious  (msg  me and i’ll explain, if you have any questions or are  interested in the products.)
  • Blog: might not happen immediately but maybe someday this could be a stream of income.

One more thing I’ve also considered is that if I help the people around me succeed then I’m more then likely going to succeed.  I truly believe you have to give to get if you met me you would know I don’t do anything for someone, unless it’s going to benefit them for the good and not take advantage of them. I don’t have it in me to swindle.  I’ve been taken advantage of too many times myself, I’ll tell you about that one day, not tonight.

So that’s the game plan for now to really put the pedal to the metal and do what I have to do to pay $12K off this year all debt gone and then decide what’s next from there.

I’m going to start blogging about health, because I’m going to start a cleanse I’ve done partial before and manage to lose lbs but I’m hoping that this one will regulate my system, give me energy and at the same time lose weight, if any one of those things happens I’ll consider this a success.  I have to get this IBS under control can’t let this take over my life.

Oh a small update I didn’t end up going for that interview that I was offered, I know some of you are probably thinking your running out of time beggars can’t be choosy etc.  However I just couldn’t do it something call it intuition or feeling or whatever was telling me that this wasn’t it that I would not be comfortable doing this job.  I’ve done insurance before and I did not like it, and the kind of job I was being offered would not offer me the security that I’m craving in my next job so I emailed them and apologized and told them that the position they were offering was not for me.  Thank you for the opportunity.  The minute I did that a weight was lifted.

So onward and upward and the job search continues, worse comes to worse there’s always Mcdonalds, Walmart etc.

So that’s it for now, stay tuned this is a woman on the move who is tired of living a life of excuses and is going to do something about it, whatever it takes (nothing that breaks my moral code of course)

God Bless and Take Care

thanks for reading

Tina Marie.

P.S. I think I need a new name for my blog, anyone with any ideas let me know. thanks.

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