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I’m a Mom!!

One of the reasons I disappeared from the radar besides well honestly lack of desire to blog.

Not because I didn’t have tons to share just with the job I’m doing I’m brain fried on most days after work and the idea of sitting at the computer and coming up with words of what and how my life was progressing just seemed to daunting.   So in typical “Tina Marie” fashion I avoided and delayed and procrastinated till it just seem like too daunting of a task to become a daily blogger again.

Which I have never professed to be,  anyways I miss it.   I miss expressing myself using my words even if only one person is reading it a day, it’s not about my audience it’s about getting my thoughts, feelings and emotions out of my brain so that it clears up space for more productive things like life.

Okay so what’s been happening well contract was extended again to end of November and hopefully by mid November I find out if I’m extended to end of January.   Which it is 85% certain it will be and probably longer which would suit me fine.   The longer that I have stable employment the likelier that my next plan of action can be put into place.

Okay so the title what’s that all about well about a month ago my mom came home from a trip from visiting friends with a little surprise.   I was not overjoyed at this surprise as we had discussed on several occasions that I didn’t want the responsibility, nor did I think that I could handle the responsibility.   So we had put on the back burner the idea of adding any other additional members to our family till we became more stable financially and till we had a bigger house and not an apartment.

Well what could you do when your mom tells you this heartbreaking story about how this little furball was caught up in a fishing net up to her neck in the cold wet outdoors and that if she didn’t rescue it and take her home she would have surely died a horrible death at the exposure of the elements and not being able to protect herself.

So now I am a proud “mommy” to a furchild kitten Precious Princess ( not my choice, mom named her as she was a “Precious gift from God”, so the name stays) I call her “P” when mom isn’t looking lol.    She was 6 weeks old when mom found her ( we think) so she’s 2 months now.

Well I could make this whole entry about her and all her antics,  but I will not be turning this blog into to the Precious blog.   Her daily exploits lets just say as much as she has brought joy she has some personality quirks that are little exasperating at the moment..  Like she has an issue with biting and scratching, she thinks she is playing but it hurts and my hands look I’ve been in attack,  full of scratches.

She has also given me something that I know I’ve been lacking and that something to nurture and love I forgot how much I missed having a pet, especially a cat.. I love it and so glad mom brought her home..  Okay enough about her back to me.

So that’s what’s going on, on the work front, on the rest of the fronts in my personal life well it’s been a bit of a roller coaster.  Lots of personal stuff that I’m not at liberty to share but I hate when my family members are in pain and there is nothing you can do for them but be there.  So I’ve had to deal with that which has been hard to see this family member go through what they are going through and not being able to fix it and no that I can’t that it’s a journey they have to go through on their own.

So yeah I have a lot on my plate right now and some of it I want gone and am doing something about it.

Starting with well as well as blogging break that was both self imposed and unplanned.  I also did a fast from TV, Twitter and Movies for a month Twitter for 4o days I just felt I need that break and it was a way to get clarity.  I allowed myself to watch Masterchef and Xfactor during that time period but nothing like Drama’s or Prime Time TV.. I did break it a couple of times when I went to the movies on my friends bday and when I watched movies w/Dad when he came to town but for the most part I stuck to it.    You would think that would leave me more time for reading but I don’t know lately reading is like torture to me I can’t get into it which is really strange when you consider I used to read like 3 books, 5 magazines a week on top of email and blogs.   So it’s a little strange to lose my first love..   I’m determined to get it back because I have a ton of great things to read, including my friends neglected blogs I feel disconnected with not reading their blogs and talking on twitter I have no idea what’s going on in their lives and now I have to start to reconnect again and hope it’s not to late.

So if I haven’t been reading or watching TV what the heck have I been doing well I have been socializing more by getting out I went to a great conference at the end of September which I plan on doing a couple blogs about.  I’ve been visiting and getting out more mainly with my Dad who I have been building a better relationship with.  Also doing a lot of talking w/mom.  I’m attending bible study and church on a regular basis.  I’m just becoming more rounded instead of living in my room.. Also confession time I have spent whole evenings just watching my kitten and her antics and playing with her.  I’ve also rediscovered my other passion Game playing, back to playing my Hidden Object/Adventure Games.

So life is pretty full, but it’s still not productive so in November I’m starting to do something I haven’t done in a while because I stepped on a scale and am proud that just by doing Isagenix and changing my eating habits that I have managed to lose 33 pounds since January but I know that I could have done better and showed it more if I had put an exercise plan into this as well so I’m going to start exercising.. I have all the things I need to do it a balance ball, a set of weights and two feet and a heartbeat.  So I should be able to get something accomplished with that.

I did also have to take a break from Isagenix, the one thing about my job is yes I’m working and yes I’m making money but it’s not enough that I can afford to take a trip for a weekend and do Isagenix so I made a choice in September to not get my Isagenix so I could go on this amazing conference So I was without Isagenix for almost two months and man did I feel it.. I was sluggish and pigging out on so many inappropriate foods like chip and eating pizza, chicken fingers & wedges (homemade) but still I was not on track  I tried to stay healthy but gave into my cravings on more then one occasion.   I was so afraid to get on the scale because I was sure with my lack of exercise and eating junk that I would have surely gained a lot of weight back but I was pleasantly surprised to only have gained 3pds.  So now I’m back on my cleanse I’m on day 5 of 30 and am going to put my health first from now on.   As always I’ll keep you in the loop as to what my progress is.. I’m going to do something else I haven’t done in over 15 years I’m going to have a scale in my house and hope that I don’t become overly obsessed with the number on the stupid thing.   So that’s my health update.

I have a big birthday coming up and I’m too late to do a list of things I would like to accomplish by it that would be just setting myself up for defeat I am proud of some of the things I have accomplished this year.  I know I’ve grown, and I know that some people think that I’m stunted in my growth with not being involved in a relationship, or have a house, or kids, heck even a license at my age oh and sharing an apartment with my mom.  I’m coming to realize that where I am in life is where I need to be right now as I heal and grow and when I am ready for all those other steps I will be doing it with a healthy mindset, I can’t wait for what comes next..  I’m turning 35 but I feel like it’s a rebirth of Tina Marie and that this next year will be my best yet, now that I have the tools in place to accomplish and become the Tina Marie that God’s sees that I can be.  So in summary, by my birthday or the beginning of the year whatever comes first I hope to  have these things done or started.  It’s not a 35 by 35 list but it’s things I think are manageable and won’t set me up for failure.

Things to do by Jan 2012:

  • Start an exercise program where I’m exercising 3x a week, I’ve said it in the past and I haven’t followed through with it but I will keep putting the intent out there and one day it will happen hopefully this is the month.
  • Continue with Isagenix and my healthy eating program w/ Vitamins and proper sleep
  • Get finances in order by getting “Clean Slate” by getting a Consolidation Loan now that I have been employed for 6+months ( will wipe the slate clean and give me a lower interest/1 payment which is the amount I’m paying on all payments and make a difference in my debt amounts.
  • Continue with growing my relationships around me, reconnect with my estranged family members and start contact them regularly.
  • Get contract extended. (Learn when it’s time to move on)
  • Start reading more starting with the books I borrowed “The Help”.
  • Blog more (notice didn’t put a frequency in)
  • Start de-cluttering room by getting rid of 10 things a week or more.
  • Start painting again (bought all the supplies on my trip)
  • Go back to silent sundays or 1 day a week w/no tech and no noise(music, podcasts, tv)
One more thing in case your curious that number I saw on the scale was 165lbs to put that into perspective this time last year I weighed 197lbs.  So I am pleased and am going to keep on keeping on.
Thank you and God Bless
Tina Marie.
Oh here’s a picture of Precious

Could it be things are turning around.. Hallejulah

Oops I’ve gone and done the disappearing thing again.. Okay I am alive and I am here I don’t really know why I haven’t been blogging.  I won’t make any promises but well here’s an update to what’s been going on in my tiny little world.

Feels likes I have a new wardrobe since starting in this placement now that I am back to wearing my professional clothes. There are pros and cons to every situation now I am wearing my pro clothes I now need new clothes due to all the lbs I’ve lost, loving this new placement hope it turns into something more long term. I work in an office doing data entry/review and I get to spend the day with great people listening to music/podcasts all day woo hoo.. God is working, always has been.. just needed to be reminded.

I have been there now a little over a week and a bit and scheduled to be there for another 9weeks, start praying.. Anyways I am doing data entry in the morning and in the afternoon I have been assigned okay I volunteered to do the Data Entry Training Manual for the program and processes that we use. So far I started it on Tuesday afternoon and I have a 8220words and 32page manual and I am not done.. Guess I really am a writer, I submitted my rough copy to my supervisor on Friday for comments and corrections.. A little nervous still a lot left to do figure I should have it done by next week on Fri.   ( Was informed by supervisor that this is a daily thing over my entire term there so there is no actual due date, that takes the pressure off, mind you I was kind of looking forward to a new project)
The other part of my job playing on Google/internet looking for research relevant to what my office offers. Due to confidentiality can’t publish here.

There are rumblings of possibly extending my placement but won’t find out till this one is done or near completion if that were to happen it could possibly last till November or longer.  We will see I am holding out hope for that but if not then the next door will open for a new possibility.

So yeah this week was awesome we raise money for a different organization every month and this month is the Genevra house a women’s/children shelter here in town and we do this by paying for dress-down days on fridays and this week on Tuesday we had Desserts for a Cause where we could pay different amounts of money and get some desserts.

The manager of the office well she used to be a caterer/baker so she has talents coming out of her ying yang, she made a dessert buffet and from there you picked the number of pieces you purchased.
She made so many good things I’ll name some to make you salivate a little. Raspberry Oatmeal Squares; Blueberry Cheesecake, Buttertart Squares, Banana Bread, Chocolate Chip cookies, Peanut butter Cookies, Peanut Butter Mouse Cake with a Brownie bottom; Praline cheesecake, Apple Crumb tartlets, mini sugar pies, sucre de la creme; yummy want some more just from listing it.

Another cool thing that has happened is that well my supervisor was working from home she made me the lead of the team for the day and has said I will be in charge of the team when she’s not there.  Yikes only a week and someone is trying to shove me into leadership.. FYI I am terrified of the responsibility of being a leader, I know I can do it just don’t want to, but every time I turn around someone wants me in that role.  So yeah I totally feel in my element at work and now that has been sorted for a bit I can start to concentrate on other aspects of my life.

Like well getting my health back on track.  July 2nd I will be going back to my life of cleansing using my Isagenix System I now have the products needed to do that and after seeing what I saw when I went window shopping with my co worker I even more determined to get down to my goal weight and I figure I have another40lbs to go (according to the BMI scale) or so I will see at different stages how I look.  Well I have been unsuccessful in procuring my before picture from my friend hence the delay but I promise one is coming as well as an after.

I know that I have lost at least 20lbs possibly 30 I have gone done 3 sizes.  ( Would probably be more if I would add more exercise to my schedule besides walking).  It felt amazing window shopping this time around. A coworker who gives me a ride home decided that she needed new pants and since I needed to pick up some stuff and haven’t been to the mall in ages I followed her to the store.  Glad I did it gave me the encouragement I needed I knew I was losing weight because of my wardrobe at home but I had no idea how much till I started trying on clothes in the store.  I started with my (old) size and it was just hanging on me then I went down a size and a another and a another till I was standing there in a size M and a size 12.  I was amazed and kept falling in love with everything I tried on so I think once the bills are in order I am going to treat myself to one knock out piece as a celebration to my new size/job.  Won’t go crazy because I plan on losing more weight so there’s no use buying a new wardrobe I’ll just shop value village for a bit till I get at the weight I wanna be.

I am still flying from that revelation and pumped into becoming who I was meant to be.  I used to be small then I allowed life and my emotions to take over when I was in high school in Grade 12 I was a size 7/9 then in college I started stuffing my emotions (stress, fear, loneliness, exhaustion etc)  and ballooned up and it just continued to get higher and higher.  I started this journey for my health and strictly so but I would be lying if I didn’t want to be attractive to the opposite sex.  I used to be afraid of that attention and hence I blanketed myself with fat but now I am ready to shed that part of me and become the me I am supposed to be showing the world.(who I see inside my head)    I would like to meet someone and get married and I am not going to do that with the me that I was because that me was hiding herself away inside herself.  Now I am open to all possibilities and can only see the best for my future.

Okay oops getting hokey I know that I used my fat as a shield to keep me from being looked at and I am not saying that being heavier I wouldn’t be attractive.  To me though I was not attractive because I put up this huge wall saying I was not open to the possibilities of love or friendship, move on nothing to see here kind of mentality.

Okay this is getting too deep for an update thinking I may discuss this more in depth in another post.

So that’s what’s happened since we chatted now onto the fun stuff the finances.

Well in a nutshell my finances suck,  I have gotten a little behind and am now starting the process of digging myself out of this past year and getting back to where I was before this whole unemployment journey started I will go back to living within in my means and getting out of debt.  The way my paycheques work I get paid weekly and they are a week behind so I work this week but don’t get paid for till next week kind of thing which I love because that means I can pay bills every week which makes them happy.

So the idea is that I will use 3 of the 4 cheques to pay bills and my last one will be for rent, I figure if I am strict like that for the next two months I will start to get back on the right track and when I get the next contract at their rate of pay and not the agencies I will be able to really get into paying down my debt.. Right now the focus is just getting back to regular payments and stop being behind.

I am still seriously considering consolidating it would help me by giving me only one payment/lower interest and it would look really great when I go buy a house I think because my old debts would be cleared up and make it look like I have more credit.  I don’t know I sometimes feel like it’s the easier way out like that would be cheating, but the circumstance from the past year have made me think I need to do something.  Because at the rate I am going paying minimum payments it will take forever to get out of debt.

I am planning on getting a car next year if the finances pan out.  I have been offered a 2008 vehicle for $5000 grand for March 2012 and that would be a good first vehicle for me.  FYI I have never owned a vehicle in fact as of right now I am not even fully licensed so this would be a step towards adulthood (which would be great considering I turn 35 in Dec).  I would park it the majority of the time it would just be nice to have an asset and some more independence oh and the freedom to go places like visiting my bro and his kids, oh and Toronto.  Just another thought bubble that’s a way off.

Okay I am rambling but I figured since you haven’t heard from me in a bit you would put up with it.  There will be more regular posting this week.  Don’t worry I’ll keep you in the loop..

Hope everyone had a great week, Take Care and God Bless

Tina Marie.

Don’t despise small beginnings!

Okay so I’ve been absent a couple of days now just busy trying to get somewhere.  I have succeeded okay it’s only a small step but tomorrow will be the first time in a year where I will be working somewhere making actual money.  Yeah it’s a temp job for two days but it’s something and with the fact that I have had no income for 3 months a little bit is better than nothing.

So for the next two days I will be working temp at a job that I probably would have never thought of it wasn’t suggested by my temp agency.  It’s out of my comfort zone and it involves getting physical I’ll be working at a non profit sorting through clothing for sale.

I am both looking forward to it and terrified at the same time, I am excited that I will be getting back into the workforce again after a really long period away.  Also it’s great that it’s only for a couple of days to get my feet wet before I totally dive in.  I am terrified that this might be what I’m regaled to working, I like hard work just not sure if I can do physical work anymore I guess we will find out tomorrow.

I am still hoping that one of the other balls that I have in the air will drop and that this is the end of this struggle.  I am still believing that I will hear back from the other jobs with life changing pay scales and amazing challenging work.  Until then I will not despise small beginnings because every little bit of money made is going to help in paying the bills.  I will do what I have to do not what I want to do till then.

As of right now my finances are in a tailspin by the time I do get solid steady pay checks I will be seriously screwed financially I am behind on pretty much every bill I have.  I was caught up and staying on top of things but now I am falling behind.  My repaired credit will be in toilet as well.  That’s okay because I know that once I am making steady pay checks if I put my nose to the pavement then it will all fall into line sooner then later.

I am just seriously wanting the sooner.  So I will try to stay in the loop I have some ideas in my head that need to get out, I am just trying to figure out how to put my scrambled emotions/beliefs/opinions into words so I apologize in advance if I seem like I’m spaced out and talking generic and using meme/getting to know you entries over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for your patience, prayers and positive thoughts, God Bless

Tina Marie

What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?

What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?

That was a question which I thought posted it didn’t.  Todays post is again another Postaday2011/Postaweek2011 challenge question supplied by My Life Such as It is

It coincides with another question that was asked by Postaday2011/Postaweek2011 challenge what did you wanna be when you grew up.

As you know I am in the middle, hopefully the end of a lengthy stretch of unemployment that has so far yielded very little success with job search or offers of employment.   Which royally sucks right now considering that the financial pit that I have now dug myself is getting deeper, but I believe it is coming to an end very soon.  Okay so back to the questions.

When I was growing up I loved fashion and medicine, interesting combination right so I honestly thought I would do something involving medicine or fashion.  Well I tried the fashion route, okay not so much as tried.  You know those career days when professionals come to the highschool to talk about various careers.  That career day in grade 10 we had someone come from a really reputable fashion design school in Montreal come and because I was enthralled with fashion and was actually attempting to sketch designs I decided and asked him to look at my designs.  He told me in no uncertain terms if you can’t not draw movement you cannot design.  Of course I was devastated and the dream was crushed and I haven’t designed since.  I still love everything about fashion, but the heart is no longer in it.

So then it was onto my next passion at the time and that was science and medicine, I excelled at science as long as there was no math.  There goes that medical field, that and oh the little problem of not liking bodily fluids, not going to describe.  So medicine went out the window.

So in grade 11 when you do co-op I was placed in a daycare and was told that I had a natural affinity with kids that they seemed to really like me and I had a great rapport and was able to get on their level.  So based on that short little placement I decided to go to college for Early Childhood Education.

Well in all practicality I loved it the theory part of it because it still kept me in the loop with my scientific brain but the practical part well lets just say I am not a creature of routine.  I get bored doing the same thing all the time, day in and day out.  Also there was the small problem of me not liking to be around that large of a concentration of children.  So after I didn’t succeed at placement due to unfilled reports I decided that I would save what patience I had left for my own future children and neices/nephews, cousins I had in my life.

So there went that career path now onto the next question if money wasn’t an option like I was financially stable and didn’t have to worry about bills or retirement or any of that.

I honestly think I would be involved and working for either a non profit or a church, I still think that may be in the plans down the line but yeah I just want to work at a job that makes a difference, however small.  Then on the side I would write, write what exactly I am not sure of, oh and dabble in some kind of interior design.

I just like the idea of working for a company where it’s about people and not about the bottom line and making a profit.  I don’t want to work for companies that are contributing to the world’s suffering or causing people to get further into debt.  I know it sounds hokey but I want to make a difference in this world.  I honestly believe that one person can make a difference.

However due to the fact that I do have to worry about money right now in my stage of life, I keep being led towards finance/insurance jobs, oh and management.  It’s weird because I said a long time ago that I didn’t want those worlds and yet I keep being pushed into them.

I like the idea of helping people with their finances and achieving their dreams so being a financial planner sounds like a great thing for now, plus I will learn tons.  Also down the line once I am more secured maybe getting into real estate.  These are all just pipe dreams right now.

Right now I would just be grateful for any career that paid the bills and helped me get out of debt.  I’ll talk more about what’s happening in that avenue in the next post.

Thank you and God Bless

Tina Marie.

Today is my Deadline!!

I had originally wrote I believe it was in my last entry that if I did not have a job by April 8th, that I would walk into or apply to our local call center well that day is here and honestly I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet.  I have a friend that works at the call center and she posts on facebook how this place is slowly sucking the life out of her oh and in the next breath telling me that they are hiring.   Doesn’t that make you want to go and get a job there, yeah me either.  Hence the delaying of said deadline.

Financially we are rough but if all monies come in we should be okay I will still have money to pay rent (May) and most of the bills for the month (Apr).  That is if all the money comes in, if not were pooched which is why I was trying so danged hard to get a job by no later then the 15th so that there would be a cushion to fall back on.

I have had some positive prospects that I have applied for and am awaiting a call for an interview,  I did a 2 and half hour application online for a company that would allow me to take calls from home and get paid the same rate I would if I would be in a call center +benefits/bonus.  Kinda of defeats the idea of getting out into the workforce but it could be a stop gap till I am able to find something that I would like to do.  The negative thing about that is training doesn’t start till May11th.  That’s a little late and may put me in an even tighter spot.  So not sure, right now it’s still on the table if worse comes to worse it can be the back up plan.

No if worse comes to worse on April 19th I’ll be going to McDonald’s I heard that they plan on hiring 50,000 people in one day for their restaurants.  That’s a way to get a guaranteed job.  (Definitely worse case scenario)  Not there yet.

Like I said the job bank is booming with great opportunities, it’s just catching the right person eye and getting them to think she looks like she could be an asset and then offer me an interview where I can really sell myself.

One thing that keeps happening is jobs that I have applied for and some that I have even interviewed for keep popping back up with the same requirements.  I asked some peoples if they think I should reapply, even though I had interviewed and didn’t get the job.  The consensus was, only if I really loved the job and could sell that.  One of my fellow bloggers said you never know you could have been next in line.  I truly believe in the adage nothing lost, if nothing gained (paraphrasing not sure if that’s exact saying)  Basically it doesn’t hurt to try so I am going to try and apply yet again for the job, maybe persistence really does pay.

Keep praying for me if you believe in prayers and if not keep good thoughts about me.  I truly believe in God’s timing and that he is always working on the situation even if I don’t see it.  That it will all work out, it always does (Faith rocks)

Thank You and God Bless.

Tina Marie

Update on the Yakezie Challenge

I mentioned a while back that I had joined the Yakezie challenge it’s basically a network of bloggers that help each other blogs grow anyways since I joined my blog has Alexa Rank went from 8 million something to now as of March 23rd @midnight it’s at 1,968,752 so in two months I have climbed up the ranks.  Amazing. I have a lot of learning to do. that’s why I’m taking courses online.

Just thought I would update some peeps that care and asked.

Tina Marie

Creating Muliple Streams of Income. Learning not to rely on 1 Source.

So I went to a seminar a couple of weeks ago and something just clicked. The speaker said that in this day and age we can no longer rely on 1 source of income to make ends meet and meet our financial goals/dreams for ourself. He said that we need to start thinking along the lines of creating “Multiple Streams of Income” and a light bulb went off like seriously I saw a light bulb over my head telling me that is your solution to your problems. I mean I have thought about it previously but I was always in the frame of mind that I’ve worked my self to exhaustion before to the point of burn out and nothing is worth me jeopardizing my health again that I was happy meeting the status quo as long as not pushing myself.
However with that stream of thought I’m not getting any further ahead, I’m not stalled in the pay cheque to pay cheque scenario and it’s not working, not anymore I’m more stressed not being able to pay things in full.

I’m sure that you guys can relate, okay most of my readers are over this hurdle and are my constant inspiration and well before job loss I was on my way to being like the other bloggers I read paying my bills I was even offered a loan and was going to use it to go back to school and buy a car, pay debt down, maybe and then life happened and I learned just how much the lessons that I have been taught really mattered.

You know having an emergency fund and savings etc.

I would have been great financially if only for one thing I went on a trip of a lifetime a very cheap trip scrapping the whole way there and back to Orlando Florida to Disneworld/Conference for 10 days 2 weeks before getting fired. I had maxed out all my cards, spent my vacation pay, basically spent my back up plan. Had a great time,  but I would never have done it  if I had known that what happened next would happen again. Can’t live your life regretting things I got to do something I’ve been wanting to do since I was a little girl.

Onto the rest of the year, I decided that I would take full advantage of not working do a lot of things I haven’t been able to do because I was so busy working and it was a great year. Also because I’m tired of working just to work I’ve been more selective about where I’m applying. Anyways off topic, not hard for me.

So I’m planning on now still applying for the great jobs with the great pay as well as the low paying jobs and if need be get two jobs till I get out of debt as well as generate “side jobs” as most personal finance bloggers/planners call it.

So this is the plan get 1 or 2 jobs use 1 to live for basic expenses, use the 2nd job to pay debt and save, and the side jobs are extra that I hope to also use for paying down debt and possibly starting my down payment fund for a house. On top of that I do want to get a degree to go with all my experience and get my license, learn my language(french)

So Multiple Streams of Income:

  • Freelance: hoping to start doing some freelance work if I can find something legit, apply myself to some jobs etc. (writing, typing, resumes, website design(without the programming)
  • Direct Marketing: Started this for me to get healthy and get the IBS under control and if it starts generating me money from referrals yeah for me. I have a website about the product but do not want to disclose it as it would expose my true identity so if your curious  (msg  me and i’ll explain, if you have any questions or are  interested in the products.)
  • Blog: might not happen immediately but maybe someday this could be a stream of income.

One more thing I’ve also considered is that if I help the people around me succeed then I’m more then likely going to succeed.  I truly believe you have to give to get if you met me you would know I don’t do anything for someone, unless it’s going to benefit them for the good and not take advantage of them. I don’t have it in me to swindle.  I’ve been taken advantage of too many times myself, I’ll tell you about that one day, not tonight.

So that’s the game plan for now to really put the pedal to the metal and do what I have to do to pay $12K off this year all debt gone and then decide what’s next from there.

I’m going to start blogging about health, because I’m going to start a cleanse I’ve done partial before and manage to lose lbs but I’m hoping that this one will regulate my system, give me energy and at the same time lose weight, if any one of those things happens I’ll consider this a success.  I have to get this IBS under control can’t let this take over my life.

Oh a small update I didn’t end up going for that interview that I was offered, I know some of you are probably thinking your running out of time beggars can’t be choosy etc.  However I just couldn’t do it something call it intuition or feeling or whatever was telling me that this wasn’t it that I would not be comfortable doing this job.  I’ve done insurance before and I did not like it, and the kind of job I was being offered would not offer me the security that I’m craving in my next job so I emailed them and apologized and told them that the position they were offering was not for me.  Thank you for the opportunity.  The minute I did that a weight was lifted.

So onward and upward and the job search continues, worse comes to worse there’s always Mcdonalds, Walmart etc.

So that’s it for now, stay tuned this is a woman on the move who is tired of living a life of excuses and is going to do something about it, whatever it takes (nothing that breaks my moral code of course)

God Bless and Take Care

thanks for reading

Tina Marie.

P.S. I think I need a new name for my blog, anyone with any ideas let me know. thanks.

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