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One of my fav’s that I’ve read.. Yep if you guessed I’m getting back on the blogging train I’ve missed it and I feel it is time to end my sabbatical and get back in the blogosphere so sometime this week expect a really long overdue update as to what’s been going on in Tina Marie’s life and mind.. Missed you all, well the one person that reads me..


Take Care and God Bless..

Tina Marie.


Back to School

Your thinking what your going back to school that’s great well I’m not the reason I titled it that is well I’m going to start home schooling myself I think that September is the perfect time to start something new or to start something over again, why wait till January.  The kids get a do over us adults can too. So lets see what do I want to school myself in.

Well I’m about to hit a milestone birthday, this birthday bugs me more then turning 30 did don’t know why I mean I don’t look anywhere near 35 but alas I will be in 4 months so It’s time to stop fooling around and get back  in class.

First a brief okay maybe not update of what the heck I’ve been doing..

This summer was great I worked the whole summer but I am working at a place that my job really doesn’t feel like work, I get to listen to music and podcasts all day and interact with staff when need be if need be by MSN Chat.  It’s so autonomous I’m pretty much boss less most days but she’s there if I need her.  I have been able to get home before dark, which has allowed me to walk home from down town at least 2x week or more.  I have weekends off so I have been able to reconnect with family and friends maybe not as much as I wanted to but I have had a semblance of a social life again which is great.  I got to go swimming this year I haven’t done that in a lot of years mainly because of work but mostly because I was too self conscious to get into a swimsuit, still am just have decided to not care so much.  So finances still suck I have a job but it’s just barely paying the bills because just as I started working mom stopped so the income got cut in half again.

Another reason I’m grateful it’s September mom is back to work and starting another job on top of that.  Hopefully I won’t have another lapse in employment because my contract that was supposed to end in Aug has now been extended till Mid October, but after that I don’t know what is going to happen, inside I want to stay where I am but unless we get major funding that won’t be happening.   So it will be onto the next thing hopefully straight away with no gaps and better pay would be great.

So who would have thunk it that I am the happiest I’ve ever been making half the amount of money working as a temp.  Yeah the insecurities and fears are still there but I don’t know they’ve lessened yes it helps to know that soon mom will be matching my income so all the bills won’t be entirely on my shoulders, which will free me up to finally accomplish some goals such as paying down debt.  I hope.

Well I wanted to do a list of things I plan on starting this September yep were 5 days in, so starting tomorrow till Dec I hope to start and continue to do these things it’s going to be one big list because well I’m lazy and don’t feel like separating them into individual maybe another day.  Plus the brain is thinking linear and not in categories it just wants to get it out, not organize the subjects.

Goals for Septemeber 2011 and Ongoing.  (might be repeating from last post, Sorry)

  • Organize bedroom, badly I’ve kind let that go a bit.  I might show you how bad (debating about that one) Start taking 15-20mins a day to clean room that way it don’t end like it is now.
  • Exercise in some way, shape or form 3x a week.
  • Get back on track w/nutritional cleanse follow it to a “T”
  • Read more books/blogs/magazines
  • Less TV big one (fall season starting though and I still haven’t watched most of last seasons shows, so begs that question what have I been watching, oh yeah Australian shows)
  • Stay on proper sleep schedule even on weekends
  • Once determined what finances are ongoing, create a budget and stick to it.
  • Continue to Listen to Podcasts from various Ministries instead of music
  • Start cooking more (Since Mom and I will be both be working f/t time to take turns)
  • Get out more.. Start instituting Date Nights with myself, shopping(window), Library, Movies etc
  • Socialize with Friends More
  • Bible Study, Devotionals Spend at least half hour in AM and again at night.
  • Journal both online and offline
  • Organize Calendar
  • Call Nieces and Nephews more.
  • Organize Wardrobe
  • Become Consultant again in Side Hustle, start generating some income from this.
  • Blog at least 3x a week or more.
  • Be more present in my every day and not worry about tomorrow till it’s here.
That’s a good enough list for now I think.
I’ve made a good start to some of them, so I’ll keep in touch to let you know of my progress.
Take and God Bless
Tina Marie

Weekend Mission: Eradicate weevils and other updates

Update time:

Well since we last talked I believe I mentioned that I got a temp job for the rest of the week well that has since been extended to include an additional week possibly two.  Yeah this means that I will have my rent money and shock of all shocks I will be able to pay some bills.  As per norm not giving up and by no means am ready to settle.  This job is relatively easy mentally, not extremely stressful but I am not sure if I am up to the challenge physically which is why I have only agreed to it temporarily and am continuing to pray that I hear back from an office position soon.

This week was extremely productive for me and had some surprises as well it felt great to get back out there and have something to do on a daily basis I really do like working, I forgot how much I did.  But once I was back out there in public and socializing with coworkers and clients it felt great.  I love having a purpose for waking up.  I have enjoyed my time off got a lot of things accomplished and sometimes feel like I should have used my time more wisely but the things I did do this year  helped my relationships grow, and my self to be more ready for what is coming up in the years to come.

Okay so what happened this weekend:

Well I had a leadership meeting for my church on Saturday with an amazing couple of men from Continuum Ministries, (check them out they have an amazing story too long to put here, but the gist of it is this)  25 years or so ago Al Purvis and his Wife decided that they were going to do mission work and they decided on Thailand because of all the orphans that were left in the wake after the Vietnam War.  So they moved there with their 3 children and opened an orphanage where they preceded to adopt over 20 children and grow an international ministry.  Amazing inspiring organization and people.  Every time I meet someone from my church family I am continually amazed at how down to earth these people are even though they are doing tremendous work and in some cases extremely wealthy.   I always feel like although I am not doing what they are that we are still on the same level and that is a great feeling to have towards your leaders.

So Al spoke on leadership and the role we should have in Ministry and in life it was great and as per norm I took tons of notes.  The main thing that I took from it is that leaders have to allow the people that they choose to put in roles perform their roles without interference from yourself.  In other words if  you trust your people to do the job that you put them into, let them do it and don’t micromanage them well they are.  Defeats the purpose of appointing and delegating roles within your life/company.  There is lots that was learned but that is the main one and one that I have had great difficulty in many of my jobs is managers that don’t know how to let go and let the people that they have hired do the job they were hired to do.

After the meeting we had a barbecue first one of the spring/summer for me and some fellowship/socializing where we sang songs and chatted it was great to get out and be among friends doesn’t happen a lot for me so when I can I enjoy it.

That was Saturday morning early afternoon.  The rest of my afternoon was to be spent cleaning my room okay demolishing my room and vacuuming everything my bed all parts etc.  Why you ask well about a week or so ago I noticed this little bugs crawling on my walls and my bed and it was annoying me so I looked it up on the lovely internet and found out they were harmless to humans but do like to live in food (like wheat), they were weevils.  So my mission for Saturday afternoon was to eradicate the weevils from my room so I could stop feeling like they were crawling on me.  Which they have been several times this week.  So I moved my bed out took the linens off vacuumed the mattress, the box spring the frame, the hot water rad, baseboards and washed the walls.

I was in the process of doing this, looking like crap and we get a lovely unexpected surprise my bro who lives several hours away (4 to be exact) is in town and is wondering if we want to spend time with the kids.  So of course because me and mom haven’t seen the kids since Jan. We definitely did not want to miss that opportunity, so eradicating weevils was put on hold for a couple of hours well I visited with my niece and nephews (only 3 of them were with him so I will have to wait to see my other 2 nieces for another time).  It was a quick visit (2 Hrs) but sometimes that is all you truly need to catch up and show some love and at one point my 7 year old nephew was helping me with my room.  Mom took them to the park, bro showed up then they were gone it was short but it made mom’s year.  She is extremely close to her grandchildren and usually sees them at least once a month, and has never missed a birthday till this year.  With me not working the money wasn’t there for her go as often so she’s been missing them as much as they have been missing us.

So they left and I was back on my mission got that completed, sort of then spent the rest of the evening talking with my mom till we realized that my bed still wasn’t together so she helped me do that.  I love my room now it’s so bright pics to come because my bedroom is not completely done and I am too ashamed for before pics because it looks like a tornado hit but after definitely coming.

Sunday was my disconnect from the world day but I cheated a bit by watching an amazing series online from Northpoint ministries on Love, Sex and Dating from a Christian viewpoint and has inspired my post about my faith this week.. I have been prompted to write it but am afraid because it’s an extremely personal one for me but the way I am looking at is if I can talk about my money and my depression and my self esteem/weight issues oh and my unemployment then I should also be able to share my faith in whatever aspect that may be.  They are all parts of me and I promised that I would not censor myself on this blog and hide who I am so I am going to be completely honest on the post about my choices on how I live my life in relation to Love, Sex, and Dating.

So the rest of the day was spent reading and getting ready for church, went to church came home and talked with mom again.  Today I have spent most of the day vegging, for some reason I like cleaning in the evening so I will blog for afternoon then I will clean (fold clothes/laundry) in the evening and get ready for my temp job tomorrow 6am comes early.

So I will try to update you through the week as usual continue to pray/keep me in your thoughts for me to gain stability in my finances/job/life.

Thank you and God Bless

Tina Marie

My experience with placement/temp agencies!

So if you have been following my blog you know I have been unemployed for a bit, the first 3months great, the 2nd 3 months great it was summer and I got to travel a bit.  Then we got into fall/winter.

I got the first call from a placement agency in November about a job that I had applied for in September working for a government department in clerical.  Well they had me running through hoops doing testing, faxing documents, emailing etc. It all had to be done immediately so for a good week I had my pastor bringing me everywhere so I could get this done.  Sent it all in.  Told that I would be notified of outcome and never heard from again.  So I am weary now of out of town agencies I prefer them to be local that I can drop into the office and speak to them.

Actually since I have now been involved with  4 various placement/temp agencies I’ll do point form what normally happens so your aware of their standard operating procedure.

  1. You apply for a position that you see advertised in the paper, job site etc.
  2. They contact you and ask you if your still looking and what your looking for.
  3. There is usually some testing involved ie. typing, knowledge of Microsoft office, office skills (This can happen before the interview either at home, or at the office), WHMIS, Health and Safety, etc
  4. They then conduct an interview with you.  Over the phone or face to face.  Sometimes two interviews one over phone then face to face.  It all depends on the agency.
  5. They might ask to fill out a whole whack load of paperwork, basically signing your life away. ( one agency asked me to fill out over 20 pages of paperwork, provide them with my references, provide them with a copy of my drivers license and social insurance number, bank account information,Income tax papers.
  6. They usually do run a background check, credit check and references especially if you are applying for government related positions.  Hence why they ask for you to prove your identity.  Very rarely you may be required to have you documents notarized by a Notary Public.
  7. So you do all that and then you wait, well that’s what’s been happening with me.  In fact two of the agencies that I have dealt with I have never heard from again, kind of scary considering all the personal information they asked for.
  8. After all that is done, what should happen is you begin to get temp placements, for me though I am not having much success as of yet.
  9. Keep an open dialog of your availability and making them aware that you are still actively looking for employment.  I usually call or email up to 2x a week.  (it’s so they remember you)
I have just been hired at my 4th temp agency, this one has a more reputable reputation of finding employment for their staff, longer term placements and sometimes even permanent employment.  So far I have been contacted regularly and kept in the loop.  No positions have been offered to me to interview though so the jury is out on this particular temp agency it has only been 2 weeks so I won’t write them off as of yet.
I suppose that I can’t really base or compare the temp agencies where I live with the ones in big cities but I still thought that I would be in higher demand then I am.  I decided to go to these places because a lot of the higher paying companies in town use placement agencies as their Human Resources (by getting them to hire their staff for them to save them time/money on screening applicants),  So most the time these agencies have a tap into the hidden job markets that aren’t advertising publicly.  I look at these agencies as open doors into the job market.
So right now I am annoyed with placement agencies as a whole and when I see a job posting that is being advertised by one I am hesitant to apply because I feel like I am wasting my time.  I do though because well I need a job and I need to get one anyway that I can.  So hopefully the tides will turn and the calls will start rolling in.  I am now applying for anything and everything because you never know if you don’t try.
One thing that I should tell you is that you are told repeatedly that even though they have hired you (temp agency) that they cannot guarantee you employment temp or otherwise.  So if you want to get technical I have been hired by 2 temp agencies but still am unemployed.
So I will let you know the results in the oncoming weeks/months I am still looking and have not given up as of yet.  Also these agencies should not be charging you to hire you, they are not headhunter/recruiters so it should be free for you to work there.
So the temp agencies I have been involved with well it’s nothing like you think it would be I thought I would get phone calls daily or at least have a couple of weeks of work by now but not yet, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you and God Bless
Tina Marie

Rough week, Update

Okay yep it’s been a bit since I posted, but I promise that there is some good stuff coming up. I have been reading some great posts and I have been inspired mind you I have a lot of great ideas rolling around in my head. So be patient some posts are a coming. They will be in consecutive posts probably more then 1 a day or 2. I don’t know I have a lot rolling around in this head.

Just a brief update about what’s been going on.

I haven’t sunk back into the pit which is what some peeps thought, nope I went away on a great weekend away to an amazing women’s conference where I got built up and encouraged and met some amazing women of God and stayed in a beautiful resort. (review coming)

Then I came home and was sick for most of the week so that’s where I have been, and why I have been absent so I will back tomorrow and you will be wondering when I will go away again lol..

Take care and God Bless

Tina Marie

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